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Analytics and website redesign: The perfect pair

The Need

  • Find and replace outdated documents
  • Redesign website effectively and efficiently
  • Fix quality assurance issues that slipped through the cracks

The process

  • Mapped user journeys and gathered visitor feedback
  • Set KPIs to track organizational goals
  • Used Content & Accessibility and Analytics through entire redesign process

The results

  • Reduced broken links by 92% over only 10 days
  • Updated content and design based on user behavior and feedback
  • Set up progress tracking for organizational and departmental goals

The Full Story

When Sarah Pinnix started as the Digital Marketing Specialist at Appalachian Regional Healthcare System, she knew the website needed updates. After a demo of Siteimprove, she saw the situation in a new light. “They found a bunch of problems on our site. It made me wonder how many other things I miss just because I look at it every single day.”

Once Pinnix saw Siteimprove’s full capabilities, she saw potential beyond the misspellings that first jogged her interest. “When I redesigned our site, I started from scratch. We had to evaluate every piece of our content to decide, ‘Is it valuable? Is it correct? Are people looking at it?’”

That’s when Pinnix turned to Siteimprove Analytics and quickly realized that Siteimprove made data easier to interpret and apply than Google Analytics.

With Behavior Tracking and User Feedback, Pinnix determined how visitors navigate the website and altered site elements to improve user experience.

For example, Pinnix discovered a lot of employee traffic to the homepage. “We wanted to shift that traffic to our employee intranet. So, I used User Journeys to look at how we could direct them to our internal resources rather than just coming to our public site.”

Once the site was launched, Pinnix needed a way to hear directly from site visitors. She then set up User Feedback to collect user opinions. “It’s given me some really important information about what people couldn’t do or didn’t like on the site. I was able to change things easily and give feedback to the right people.”

Pinnix also uses Key Metrics to track website goals. With the help of Siteimprove Support, she set up Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which have quickly become a favorite feature for managing goals, staying on top of targets, and moving forward on website initiatives. “It’s really actionable data and it’s easier than trying to extrapolate that from all the different sources. And we can see real-time progress, so if we’re not scheduled to hit our goal, it’ll tell me.”

Now, Pinnix has a custom Digital Marketing dashboard that sends out regular reports to others in the organization. She says, “I had been doing it all manually, but I just don’t have time to do manual management stuff along with everything else.” With custom, automated reporting, Pinnix saves hours of her time and keeps a pulse on the metrics that matter most.

The Outcome

At first, Pinnix wondered if Siteimprove would really give her the visibility she needed over Appalachian Regional Healthcare System’s website redesign, but she quickly learned its true value.

“It’s almost like another person on your team. Siteimprove helps me do some of the things that would have taken me hours and hours of time. Now I’m able to automate these reports and I feel like it’s an extension of me and my job.”


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