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Preparing for WCAG 2.2: Usability over compliancy (Finland)

Join our Finnish webinar on the latest trends in digital accessibility and what to expect from WCAG 2.2. 



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Please note that this webinar is in Finnish.

WCAG 2.2 will be here before we know it—is your brand prepared?

If you're feeling intimidated by the transition to WCAG 2.2, you’re not alone. In the hustle to make the necessary compliance updates, it's easy to forget the big picture: accessibility is about so much more than compliance.

Not only is following the WCAG 2.2 rules a means to protect your brand and stay current, above all, it improves the usability of your services and the experience of all your users.

Our upcoming Finnish webinar, Preparing for WCAG 2.2: Usability over compliancy (Finland)*, will demonstrate exactly how accessibility affects usability. Plus, we'll explore the value of manual testing and the impact it can have with insights from a Nordic enterprise Siteimprove customer.

Join our panel of Siteimprove accessibility experts on November 29 at 9.00 am EET for a deep dive on WCAG 2.2 and how to shift your focus from compliancy to usability.

Unfortunately, this webinar is not captioned nor sign language translated. We apologize for any inconvenience.


  • Inka Taagehøj, Siteimprove Product Expert, Accessibility
  • Tero Pesonen, Siteimprove Senior Accessibility Strategist
  • Kimmo Sääskilahti, Siteimprove Senior Accessibility Specialist

*The webinar will be in Finnish.