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Does your website look and work like it was built in 1990? Find out if it’s time for a refresh

A great website presence - in both form and function - can have a significant impact on your business’ bottom line. No matter how useful your products or services are, with an outdated or poor website design, they serve no purpose.

Do you know if your website is living up to modern design standards and is performing as expected? Find out by answering the following 10 questions.

At Siteimprove we value the privacy of our visitors and customers. Therefore, we will not track or store your answers to this quiz.

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Page loading time has a significant impact on your website’s success. Around 50% of visitors expect a maximum loading time of
Take a guess: 80% of web shoppers who experience issues with website performance say they won’t return to that site to buy again.
One website design trend you should keep an eye on in 2022 is
Embedding videos in landing pages can increase conversion rates by
Make a decision: 70% of marketing professionals report that video converts better than any other channel, which is unsurprising considering that visitors spend 88% more time on websites with videos.
Why should your business invest in a website redesign?
Having a well-designed website means better SEO. Moving up one spot in Google’s search results will increase your website’s CTR by roughly
Minimalistic web design is becoming increasingly popular. Which of the following elements is typical for minimalistic websites?
Which of the below is not a key element of high-performing websites?
Take a guess: Layout and design have a 75% influence on a website’s credibility.

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Congratulations – you've successfully covered the basic elements for your website. To really drive performance and create a captivating website experience that will make your visitors come back for more, however, you should start thinking about a thorough brush-up.

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Thank you for taking the quiz!

Congratulations – you have a thorough understanding of the key elements of a well-performing website. However, is your website meeting modern design standards and living up to your visitors’ expectations?

Sign up for our bootcamp “Reimagine Experience” to deepen your knowledge and learn how you can create a captivating website experience that outshines competition and drives business revenue.

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