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Improving user experience based on website analytics

The Challenges

  • Launch of a new, re-vamped website
  • Improve the website user experience
  • Reactive, manual website quality assurance

The Implementation

  • Pre-launch optimization of the page with Siteimprove
  • Analysis of historic website data
  • Set up continuous website analytics to track and optimize user behavior

The Results

  • Successful launch of a re-vamped website
  • User experience optimization based on real-time data and insights
  • Proactive fixing of quality assurance issues

"Thanks to Siteimprove, we can continuously optimize the user experience on our website based on real-time data that is always available. The customer care and technical team answers our questions immediately and provides us with great support and training."

Viridiana Joyner, Digital Communication Manager, Givaudan SA

Improving user experience on a re-vamped website

Givaudan SA, a Swiss multinational manufacturer and the world leader in the flavor and fragrance industry, has a history that reaches back to the 1800s. As time passed and the company expanded and changed, so did the look of Givaudan. Summer 2020 marked the date for the latest change in their website.

"We wanted a more interactive and customer focused website", explains Viridiana Joyner, Digital Communication Manager.

While previously working with externally outsourced web-audits that delivered deep data insights in the main pages only twice a year, it was clear to the marketing & web team at Givaudan that they needed a solution to continuously monitor website data and user behavior. 

Optimizing the website based on user behavior

Givaudan wanted to own their website data, have all necessary information based on real-time analytics on hand and be able to customize reports. Therefore, they decided against the previous approach of a website-audit twice a year from an external provider and for a platform to internalize website auditing and continuous optimization.

"In our first call with Siteimprove, we go introduced to behavior maps, data on views and clicks and customer navigation", remembers Viridiana. This was exactly the information the team was looking for to understand the actions users take on the website and optimize accordingly.

This proved to be especially helpful for the re-launch of their website: To make sure that their new website would not only look and feel better, but actually provide a better user experience, historic data on the performance of the current website and user behavior was analyzed with Siteimprove. Based on this, the team at Givaudan could make decisions on the structure of the new website and the placement of content and other website elements.

Once the concept was ready, the web team could check the new website already in the pre-launch staging environment and make assure it was error-free and worked smoothly.

Now after the launch, the team performs ongoing optimizations on the user experience with the help of Siteimprove Analytics.

Fixing website issues proactively

Before the use of Siteimprove, feedback on the website and timely fixing of issues could be a challenge, reveals Viridiana. "Before, my colleagues or our users would point out issues like broken links, or difficulties with navigating the site. Now, I can see these issues right away, can double check them with the user behavior of hundreds of users from data provided by the Siteimprove platform and fix the issues before they become a problem".

Not only small issues are fixed immediately, also bigger issues on the website performance are solved much more efficiently. The access to the website analytics helps the team to approach their IT department with a suggested solution to the detected issue, rather than needing to wait for a full investigation and troubleshooting "Siteimprove helps us with both - quick wins and more strategic actions on the website", says Viridiana.

Continuous improvement with the help of Siteimprove customer care and support

"We have an especial website set-up and the Siteimprove platform offers many possibilities, so it was hard not to get lost when we started to use the platform!", admits Viridiana. But the more they understood what exactly their needs were, the closer the work with Siteimprove became. The local Customer Success Manager in Switzerland and the technical support team help Givaudan to find all data they need and use the various platform functionalities to best support their work.

Especially the fast answers, individual trainings and pragmatic solutions from the customer and support service are highly appreciated. "It is great to have a personal contact that knows the needs and strategy of Givaudan", says Viridiana.


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