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1. Scope of Services 

Siteimprove provides a standard set of services including set-up, configuration, and education as set forth in this Implementation Plan (‘Implementation’). All meetings, correspondence, and trainings required during Implementation of the Software Services shall be in English.

2. Implementation Team

Siteimprove will assign a strategic engagement manager (‘Strategic Engagement Manger’) and an implementation specialist (‘Implementation Specialist’) to manage the Implementation, as well as other team members as necessary to manage the Implementation.

3. Term

Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the term of this Implementation shall be from the Initial Term Start Date until: (a) the completion of the Scope of Services; or (b) three (3) months; whichever is earlier (‘Term’).

4. Delivery

All sessions will be delivered remotely over the phone or internet. During this time and upon completion, the Siteimprove platform can be accessed at

4.1 Customer Resource. Customer shall provide a point of contact to assist with the timely delivery of any information needed to complete the Implementation within the Term. Siteimprove shall not be liable for any failure under this Plan caused by Customer’s delay in providing the necessary information.

4.2 Welcome Call. The parties will schedule a welcome call at the start of the Term to review Customer’s subscription, discuss onboarding and implementation, and identify Customer stakeholders for the Implementation. 

5. Set-Up and Configuration

The Strategic Engagement Manager and Implementation Specialist willdetermine the setup and configuration appropriate for its account based on the product package purchased and Customer’s Success Plan. Set up and configuration ‘up-to’ Limits are as follows:

  • Net New Client
       i. 120 Websites
       ii. 125 Target Pages
       iii. 25 Activity Plans
       iv. 400 Keywords
       v. 90 Events
  • Content Experience Upgrade
       i. 45 Events
  • Marketing Performance Upgrade
       i. 125 Target Pages
       ii. 25 Activity Plans
       iii. 400 Keywords
       iv. 90 Events
  • Marketing Analytics Upgrade
       i. 90 Events
  • SEO Advanced Upgrade
       i. 125 Target Pages
       ii. 25 Activity Plans
       iii. 400 Keywords


6. Data Integration

The use of Siteimprove integrations is at Customer’s sole discretion. Siteimprove may assist with data integration but may not advise on the re-configuration of any of Customer's technology. Siteimprove is not responsible or liable for successful integration if Customer’s configuration of its applications prevents successful implementation of a Siteimprove integration. Any issues related to Siteimprove’s technology will be resolved as set forth in the Success Plan.

7. Education Services

Customer shall receive fundamental education plan in alignment with the purchased product package. All sessions are to be led by a dedicated Siteimprove Training Specialist. Training sessions will be delivered remotely over the phone or internet and shall not exceed two (2) hours per session.