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Building inclusive digital environments

Creating inclusive digital environments and experiences is good for business, customers, and employees. More and more companies adopt the latest accessibility practices, but many are simply trying to get compliant fast. That approach lacks scale and inclusivity. Brands must build out practices of inclusive content and design to approach accessibility more sustainably.

Join industry experts Gina Bhawalkar, Principal Analyst at Forrester, and Wendy Reid, Accessibility and Publishing Standards Lead at Rakuten Kobo, moderated by Kevin Bobowski, CMO Siteimprove, for a panel discussion to learn how to take your accessibility experience to the next level.

Attend this live session to hear insights on:

  • What is driving the need for inclusive customer experience
  • How clients approach accessibility and inclusivity
  • The business impact of accessibility
  • Hear Rakuten Kobo's story on building accessibility practices for their customers

Discover valuable insights and actionable tips that will help you respond effectively to market shifts and achieve digital success.

Everyone who registers for the webinar will get on-demand access to the webinar recording.

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