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Inclusivity: The business driver you are overlooking

Inclusivity is the right thing to do, but what’s in it for your business? For starters, it’s the potential for growth in revenue and in employee and customer engagement. 

Join us in our latest webinar as our experts from Siteimprove’s own team of accessibility specialists explore how investing in inclusivity pays off for your business.

Because you see, inclusivity is not a trend. Our presenters work closely with organizations to train staff and strengthen accessibility strategies and have seen the benefits you can reap. And now they want to show you how. 

In this 45-minute webinar, you’ll learn: 

  • What is the return on investment of inclusivity 
  • What opportunities for growth you’re missing out on 
  • How you can achieve a better user experience with inclusivity  

About the presenters

Jennifer Chadwick  

Jennifer is a certified digital accessibility strategist (IAAP certified CPACC) with 14 years of experience. She is a contributor to several education resources and standard groups within the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) and the Wide Web Consortium (W3C). 

Tobias Christian Jensen 

Tobias is an accessibility expert with a background in front-end development and a strong passion for UX and behavioral design. He has been teaching accessibility at universities, to Siteimprove partners, and to customers, using a mix of concrete visual examples and exercises to engage the audience. 

Inka Ilona Taagehøj 

Accessibility product expert and trainer. Passionate about the business benefits of digital inclusion, as well as how accessibility tools are enabling a culture of inclusion and creating efficiencies managing website accessibility. 

Watch the webinar