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Zentrale Qualitätssicherung mit Siteimprove sorgt trotz weltweit dezentralem Publishing für Top-Qualität

Die Herausforderung

  • Umfangreiche Webseite mit ca. 1.000 globalen und 9.000 Produkt- und Marken-Seiten
  • International verteiltes, dezentrales Publishing auf Englisch
  • Hohe Ansprüche an Qualität und Professionalität bei Webinhalten
  • Kleines Team für QS und Optimierung

Die Lösung

  • Siteimprove Quality Assurance, Accessibility, SEO-Basisversion, Policy, CMS Plugin, Deep Link
  • Automatisierung des Optimierungsprozesses
  • Dashboardgestützte Analyse- und Behebungsprozesse
  • Schulung und Support durch das Siteimprove-Team

Die Erfolge

  • Nur ein Mitarbeiter für die Organisation der Optimierung
  • Zentrale QS, zentrale und dezentrale Fehlerbehebung durch Verantwortlichen
  • Qualitätsscore in nur 6 Monaten von 93 auf 97,3 von 100 gestiegen
  • 0 veraltete Links dank laufender automatischer Überwachung und sofortiger Behebung

statt 93 von 100 Anstieg des Qualitätsscores in nur 6 Monaten


veraltete Links


Mitarbeiter managt die komplette Qualitätssicherung

In numerous countries around the world, more than 30 employees of the Barry Callebaut Group are busy keeping the content of the company's website up to date. Company, brand and product news should be made available to business partners promptly, comprehensively and in a professional quality. With around 1,000 global and approx. 9,000 product and brand-related websites, the quality assurance of the homepage cannot be achieved without tool support.

Through the increased use of Siteimprove since November 2019, webmaster Joël Marbach was not only able to increase the quality score from 93/100 to 97.3/100, but also ensure that annoying errors - such as e.g. B. Broken links – can be found before visitors to the website notice them. Good progress can also be seen in the ranking in the search engines - SEO - or in barrier-free access, even though the decentralized international structure of responsibilities makes optimization more difficult from an organizational point of view. 


Whether in Switzerland, Belgium, Singapore or the USA - before the introduction of Siteimprove, it was extremely difficult to maintain the desired quality standard for the company's website. Starting with the spelling - the company has chosen US English as the corporate language on the site - to the quality of the linking, the efficiency in terms of SEO, but also the use of colors or performance in terms of loading times: the deficits were due to of the organizational structures is not always easy to address.

The global part – ie common to all national companies – is maintained by a handful of employees. The national organizations are responsible for publishing the content of the products and brands.

Central QA in one hand

When Joël Marbach took over responsibility for quality assurance as webmaster in November 2019, he was glad that the decision had been made to introduce Siteimprove in 2016.

Whenever he has time, he accesses the website via the dashboard and checks the current quality status. The Siteimprove modules are directly integrated in the dashboard and he can tackle the error correction. Deficits such as broken links, oversized graphics or poor spelling are systematically identified and corresponding error reports created.

 “Company-wide standardization of terms is not always easy to implement worldwide. A classic is cappuccino, which our colleagues in Spain use to make capuchino. There are also discrepancies with US spellings,” reports Joël Marbach. "Siteimprove has made a significant contribution to quality improvement here."

Troubleshooting depending on the cause

The webmaster carries out corrections that fall within his area of ​​responsibility. Thanks to the integration with the CMS Drupal, he is linked directly to the faulty page and can take corrective action. It regularly compresses oversized images that affect loading times and removes outdated links.

If product or brand pages are affected and errors occur across pages, a corresponding PDF report is generated, which is sent to the person responsible by e-mail. The IT department is responsible for technical corrections, fundamental design improvements and technical performance optimizations.

Quality that can be seen is a permanent task

The development of the score makes it clear how positively the analyzes affect the quality of the site. SEO improvements are planned for the next few months. Incomplete meta tags or insufficient amounts of text that negatively affect the ranking should be addressed consistently. With a total of 10,000 pages, there is still a lot to do. In addition, there are plans to optimize the site for increasing mobile use.

Joël Marbach relies on close cooperation with the international team at Siteimprove: "Whether through on-site training, at the webinars in German, English or French, through the chat function on the Siteimprove website or in direct contact by telephone: Questions or ambiguities regarding the use of the tool are always clarified quickly and comprehensively by the team of experts.”


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