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Siteimprove customer spotlight

Broken links. Outdated content. It’s important to resolve those issues, but website optimization is about more than that. It’s about what you say and how you say it. See how Vodafone uses Siteimprove to elevate their content.

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Since the relaunch, we were able to quadruple traffic to our website and gain deep data-driven insights into the mechanics of content design, which will guide our digital marketing efforts moving forward.

Jörg Lothal
Senior Manager Corporate Communications, Web Intelligence & SEM — Merck

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The Siteimprove platform has enabled us to double our traffic to our website over the last two years, increase team efficiency by over 20%, and given us an exciting roadmap of enhancements for the future.

Scott Room
Director Brand, Marketing and Digital — Openreach

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The metrics that we measure with Siteimprove are the Quality Assurance Index and Digital Certainty Index. We’ve made a lot of progress since our first crawl in 2015, and now we’re trying to keep that level as high as possible at around 95 out of 100.

Ralf Klanke
Center of Excellence Lead, Tonality and Search — Vodafone

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