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6 ways to improve your website for Google’s next algorithm update

- By Melissa Wankiewicz - Apr 29, 2021 SEO

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Are you ready for Google's next algorithm update? In this video, hear from Melissa Wankiewicz, Marketing Manager at Siteimprove, about what you can do to prepare your website right now.

1) Improve page load speed. Google wants your website to load within 3 seconds, but 1 second is the ideal load time!

2) Review how you use ads and images. Be mindful of how you’re using popups and make sure it’s not distracting from your content.

3) Mobile optimize. This update prioritizes user experience on both mobile and desktop, so make sure you’ve tested your site on multiple devices.

4) Audit and update content. Make sure you’re delivering relevant and up-to-date content that’s free of errors and speaks to your audience’s questions and challenges.

5) Make sure your website is a safe experience. Confirm your site is free of any engineering scams, malware, or misinformation.

6) Compare with competitors. Take a look at your competitors’ websites and see if your content quality is just as good – if not better! You don’t want users leaving your site for the competition.

A positive digital user experience is something every business should strive for. Download this checklist to ensure you're ready for this important update.