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CMO's Perspective: Why this release is critical for marketers

- By Iza Misiorny, CMO - Mar 04, 2024 Digital marketing Marketing Performance

As CMOs, we’re under immense pressure to prove marketing's value and impact on the bottom line, and as our own CEO recently wrote, robust metrics are critical to that endeavor. Incremental improvements in conversion rates or SEO rankings don't cut it anymore — we need quantum leaps and sophisticated tools to achieve those breakthroughs.

That’s why this latest product release is so exciting. With capabilities like AI-powered optimization and enterprise-scale SEO, we’re folding in game-changers that we’ve tested and refined ourselves into day-to-day workflows and marketing stacks. These transformations will help you meet KPIs that resonate with your executive leaders.

Ultimately, these innovations will help tell the story of your successes and illustrate how your investments in technology make your marketing team a revenue center rather than a cost center.

1. Funnel Comparison

As an addition to our robust behavioral insights like funnels, heat maps, and user journeys, Funnel Comparison will fundamentally change how marketers approach conversion rate optimization by removing guesswork from the equation: It gives teams clear visibility into how changes to a specific path impact visitor behavior within your funnel.

Armed with these powerful insights, you’ll be able to identify the most high-impact areas to focus optimization efforts on, such as investing in a different channel or using a better template for a webpage. From there, you can confidently double down on changes that increase revenue and eliminate activities that don’t.

Think for a moment how this granular analysis can optimize landing pages. By comparing versions, you’ll see exactly where visitors drop off and what changes, like moving or rewording a CTA, influenced the conversion. Then you can tailor pages to user behavior and create seamless paths to conversions.

Apply this strategy across your entire funnel and you’ll see just how conversion rates — and revenue — can skyrocket.

2. AI Remediate  

Too often, accessibility is an afterthought, even though it’s the right thing to do and in many countries, it’s a legal requirement. We know that there is an important link between accessibility and performance, and so because we regard accessibility as an optimization lever that boosts inclusiveness — and therefore brand loyalty and revenue — we’ve built AI Remediate, which surfaces accessibility issues and then makes context-specific code suggestions you can implement easily.

The time savings from automatic remediation of accessibility issues are remarkable, with an estimated 25% potential reduction in accessibility team workload, but there’s an even more significant impact: Web Ops teams can shift from a reactive stance to a proactive stance, which goes a long way toward helping them approach accessibility from a strategic point of view.

AI Remediate is a case in point when it comes to how AI-powered marketing can help a team save time that they can then channel toward “big picture” initiatives that drive revenue.

3. SEO Enterprise

SEO Enterprise, an update to SEO Advanced, is also a game-changer: We can now support up to 150,000 keywords of your choosing, one of the highest numbers supported amongst SEO providers. As you know, more keywords means more comprehensive coverage, which paves the way to broader reach and potential increases in organic traffic.

Now imagine how SEO Enterprise will work with our existing Ads solution, which automatically audits your Google Ads campaigns and makes recommendations for improvements in both ads and landing pages, as well as suggests how to optimize budgets.

By pairing these two solutions, your teams can get a unified view of paid and organic performance when they’re managing large-scale campaigns; they’ll be able to fully understand how both channels contribute to outcomes. And this isn’t just us that has this belief, the market analysts we engage with agree as well.

But it’s not just a matter of visibility. With SEO Enterprise, you’ll be empowered to pull back on ad spend where your SEO is already crushing it and then channel more budget toward areas where organic ads aren’t delivering.

Naturally, we’ve used this combination plenty ourselves in advance of release, so we can attest to just how ground-breaking it is: No more flying blind and crossing our fingers that we've got the mix right.

The release of Funnel Comparison, AI Remediate, and SEO Enterprise marks a new chapter in Siteimprove’s story — and in yours. If you’ve got any questions about how to capitalize on any of the new features, reach out to any of our experts to find out how each one will save you valuable time and money and help your team focus on proactive strategies that build your brand and drive revenue.