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Wider horizons ahead: We’ve extended Sitecore integration into XMCloud

Sitecore users new and old can now leverage even more Siteimprove tools that help analyze the impact of big decisions — before they happen.

- By Siteimprove - Jul 02, 2024 Website Management

Sitecore’s cloud-based content management system can smoothly weather high traffic and sudden peaks, which has attracted marketers and developers alike to its CMS shores. However, flexibility and easy access aren't the only requirements of a good CMS — you need tools to ensure your hard work is primed for success. 

That’s where we come in. Our Siteimprove CMS Connector has been a valuable bridge between the Sitecore content management system (CMS) and the Siteimprove Intelligence platform for years, and today we’re excited to announce that we’ve expanded our integration so users can enjoy a wider breadth of our accessibility, SEO, and content marketing tools, all within Sitecore XM Cloud. 

This latest integration includes tools that ensure you catch errors before a page is published, so you can fix mistakes and optimize the content. It also allows you to assess the potential impact of deleting or moving pages before you do it. No more next-day panics as you realize a glaring error has been seen by thousands. No more blood, sweat, and tears spent on content that just doesn’t perform. No more agonizing over the ‘unpublish’ button, unsure how it will impact your SEO or interlinking.  

Armed with this plugin, you’ll be able to manage your digital experience more efficiently, and with more confidence.  

How Siteimprove & Sitecore XMCloud work together 

The Siteimprove and Sitecore integration streamlines your workflow, so your team can fix errors and optimize content directly within the editing environment, before and after you hit publish. It detects issues, assesses their impacts, and offers potential solutions.  

For example, it scans your content to look for: 

  • Misspellings and broken links 
  • Readability levels 
  • Accessibility issues 
  • High-priority policies 
  • SEO issues (technical, content, UX, and mobile) 
  • Page visits and page views 
  • Feedback rating and comments 
  • Get insights into the impact of unpublishing a specific page. 
  • URL Shortener data and its impact on your digital assets 

Unpublishing something? Review its impact first 

Prepublish checks will catch embarrassing errors before you publish — ones that could impact performance, but what if you want to take something down anyway, like if it’s outdated? You can now use the plugin to check if unpublishing a page will have an impact on your site.  

For example, you'll be able to see if deleting a page will affect your SEO, or if users would lose access to important documents and links, which will help you assess whether unpublishing is the best course of action. Armed with this information, you can not only remove stressful uncertainty from everyday content upkeep, but also demystify SEO for other stakeholders. That means strengthening the business case for your SEO strategy with strong impact analysis — a definite win-win! 

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