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Introducing Siteimprove Ads and Siteimprove Performance

- By Kyra Kuik - Aug 15, 2019 Ads Performance Press

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve grown our platform! We recently released two new products: Siteimprove Ads and Siteimprove Performance, which are part of our Digital Marketing Solution.

Siteimprove Performance: Ensure all Visitors Have a Fast Website Experience

Nearly half of web users (47%) say they expect a web page to load in two seconds or less. Beyond that, Google confirms that page load times figure heavily into its search rankings and that a slow load time “can have a severe negative effect on your business metrics,” which is why they recommend a page load time of three seconds or less.

If you want to provide a great user experience and rank high in search engines, then your site has to be fast. But improving site speed can be overwhelming, as tools and tips to improve website performance can get overly technical, often requiring multiple teams with different skillsets to work together. That’s where Siteimprove Performance comes in. 

Siteimprove Performance automates and visualizes the complexity of website performance by showing you how visitors from around the world experience your website. With Siteimprove Performance, you can see where the different elements on your site come from and how they affect a user elsewhere in the world. “A company’s website may be in Australia, but their third-party customer chatbot comes from Europe and their Google search script from America. This common type of ecosystem means the site does more flight miles than an around-the-world plane trip before it finally loads for a visitor,” explains Mikkel Landt, Siteimprove’s Performance Product Director.

Watch the quick video we put together to learn more about how Siteimprove Performance helps make a fast website easier than ever:

 If you’re interested in getting a faster website, then you can try Siteimprove Performance for free for 14 days.  

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Siteimprove Ads: A Smarter Way to Optimize Paid Search

If you’ve done any Googling lately, you’ve probably noticed that less and less real estate is given to organic results. First you might see paid search results, a map of store locations, YouTube videos, or featured snippets long before you see a list of organic results.

Since it’s now more difficult than ever to appear at the top of Google search results organically, a smarter paid search strategy is becoming necessary for many companies. 

But, if you’re new to paid search marketing, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. That’s exactly why we developed Siteimprove Ads, which automatically audits your Google Ads campaigns for improvements in ads, landing pages, and budgets so you can focus on growth instead of day-to-day tweaks.

The move into the pay-per-click was a natural next step for us, according to Siteimprove Ads Product Director Kristian Humle, “Research shows 61% of Google Ads is spent on keywords that never convert, which indicates that despite many companies offering highly advanced theoretical software, there was a desperate need for an industry player that could automate and simplify the process of optimizing Google AdWords.”

Check out the snazzy video below to learn more about how Siteimprove Ads can help you run more efficient paid search campaigns.

 If you’re ready to supercharge your Google Ads campaigns, you can sign up for a free 14-day trial of Siteimprove Ads.

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It’s been a very busy summer here at Siteimprove with the launch of these new products. We can’t wait to see how they’ll help empower your team!