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Why you must focus on SEO in 2021

- By Brendan Pigott - Mar 30, 2021 SEO

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What's in store for SEO in 2021 and beyond? In this video, hear from Brendan Pigott, Director of Sales at Siteimprove Canada. He shares his thoughts on the top trends and predictions for SEO this year and how marketers can action on them.

As many SEO experts are anticipating content optimization will be an area of growing focus, some things you'll want to prioritize include:

  • Creating content that speaks to buyer intent
  • Conducting keyword research to identify what your ideal customers are searching for
  • Addressing FAQs that cover questions your buyers are asking

Google's new ranking factor, Page Experience, has many marketers questioning what they need to do to prepare. Learn all about it in this on-demand webinar!