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Working towards accessibility compliance

- By Jennifer Chadwick - Jun 03, 2021 Web Accessibility

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As accessibility laws continue to evolve, it’s important to be able to track and report on compliance across your sites while also benchmarking your results against industry standards. In this video, Jennifer Chadwick, Lead Accessibility Strategist at Siteimprove, shares how your business can do just that.

Using website accessibility software like Siteimprove helps to protect your organization from legal and reputational risk by highlighting and prioritizing issues, and documenting your progress as you resolve them.

Accessibility software makes it easier to tackle issues without being an accessibility expert – it will turn accessibility standards into actionable to-dos, and some platforms like Siteimprove will provide explanations of issues, advice on how to resolve them, and references to official WCAG techniques.

Want to check your website's accessibility level? Try our free accessibility checker!