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Leverage digital data insights and automation to catapult marketing growth

"Before Siteimprove, we’d generate reports manually. Now we’re generating data on the fly. Their support has helped us not only get started, but it’s also helped us get more and more advanced."

Conor McCarthy

Marketing Communications Director, Advancial Federal Credit Union

How Siteimprove’s accessibility and analytics tools transform marketing workflows

After 85 years of serving customers across 11 locations in 4 states, Advancial Federal Credit Union had built a longstanding reputation for investing in their members' financial success. However, utilizing their website to generate digital growth proved to be a difficult challenge.

As the use of online banking services grew across the board, the Advancial digital marketing team was hungry to capitalize on the site’s web traffic, but their basic analytics tool wasn’t up to the task. Much of the data insights Advancial gleaned came at the expense of hours of manual collection and aggregation. Caught between a bare-bones analytics tool and time-consuming Excel spreadsheets, even the lowest-hanging digital marketing opportunities were difficult to reach.

Without true marketing analytics, it was very difficult for us to uncover actionable insights or develop our marketing efforts in any meaningful and measurable way.

Conor McCarthy
Marketing Communications Director, Advancial Federal Credit Union

After implementing Siteimprove, Advancial gained a solid analytics baseline to measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. In addition to automated quality assurance functions like upsite monitoring, spelling checks, broken link detection, and image compression warnings, Advancial uses Siteimprove’s reporting to create better interactions with members and prospects at key points in the customer journey.

For example, Advancial has agreements with employers in select markets to give employees of those businesses exclusive access to the credit union’s services. However, this requires hundreds of bespoke landing pages for both mom-and-pop shops and companies with thousands of employees.

Advancial needed analytics from those landing pages to strategically increase engagement in sagging segments but this required hours of manual data collection and tracking. With Siteimprove’s flexible analytics tools, the marketing team began to instantly generate reports with insights that sales used to direct engagement.

Advancial members have also recently flocked to the credit union’s online banking and video chat offerings. To enable maximum efficiency in staffing chat services, the marketing team used Siteimprove to create a report tracking peak chat times. After discovering the video chat team’s lunch hour overlapped with an influx of members initiating chats, they made scheduling changes to better accommodate demand.

Advancial is stringent about proving the value of the tools we use. The executive team has peace of mind knowing the level of service we’ve received from Siteimprove: they’re responsive, easy to work with, helpful, and they teach us how to do things. We run lean, and we all wear a lot of hats, so they’ll also just take care of it if we need them to.

Conor McCarthy
Marketing Communications Director, Advancial Federal Credit Union

Since Advancial made Siteimprove analytics and reporting part of their marketing strategy, they’ve transformed their website into a robust digital marketing tool. Now, the credit union can learn more about their customers, connect with them efficiently, and create deeper relationships through targeted digital marketing efforts.

Siteimprove’s deep suite of accessibility and analytics solutions will continue to support Advancial Federal Credit Union as they build a sophisticated digital marketing strategy – establishing KPIs, setting goals, tracking benchmarks, and leveraging data insights to maximize value one automated report at a time.

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