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BT Enterprise: Creating a framework and process workflow to drive quality

The challenge

More than one million customers interact with BT Enterprise’s one hundred platforms and apps. For a business of this scale, the main challenge revolves around delivering a consistent, quality user experience to its customers.

BT Enterprise needed to bring clarity to a complex delivery framework and demonstrate ongoing efforts to identify and resolve its content issues.

Our solution

Collaborating with key BT stakeholders, Siteimprove created a digital governance framework and process workflow to drive BT Enterprise’s quality agenda.

BT Enterprise’s team utilizes insights from the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform daily, from ensuring fixes are implemented quickly, to reviewing recommendations on how to address complex, long- term content issues. Using Siteimprove, BT has made significant progress in fixing its quality issues, upping its quality score by 30% and experiencing a direct influence on the NPS it uses for its own customers.


BT Enterprise

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