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Driving consistent quality at scale with BT Enterprise

"Siteimprove has really helped us drive the quality agenda and has a direct influence on the digital NPS score that we have for our customers."

Conner Josey

Digital Director

For BT, consistency is key

BT Enterprise, the leading business communications provider in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, is home to nearly 100,000 full-time employees worldwide. BT connects over one million businesses and public sector organisations to their colleagues and customers. And as if those numbers aren’t sizeable enough, their digital estate boasts more than 100 platforms and apps.

BT set their sights on providing a consistent experience for their customers and began the search for a tool to help them pull it off. Conner Josey, Digital Director at BT, was hoping to find a solution that would help him and his team understand where they need to focus and prioritize to ensure that issues are solved for a great customer experience.

For a business of this scale, the main challenge faced by the organization revolves around creating a smooth process for delivering a consistent, quality user journey. And for that, BT Enterprise chose Siteimprove.

A marriage of quality and quantity

With over 100 platforms and apps to manage, BT has their hands full. Making changes and fixing errors across their digital systems was no easy task.

The team quickly found success by putting the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform to work on a daily basis. From ensuring fixes are implemented quickly, to reviewing recommendations on how to address complex, long- term content issues, the digital team was instantly able to boost the quality of their content.

Using Siteimprove, BT has made significant progress towards repairing their quality issues within their entire digital ecosystem. They’ve boosted their quality score by 30% and have experienced a direct positive influence on their personal NPS score.

Teamwork makes the dream work

By partnering with Siteimprove, BT Enterprise wasn't only signing up for a technical solution. Conner and his digital team point to the hands-on assistance provided by Siteimprove as a critical reason for their success.

The support we've received from Siteimprove has been brilliant. Really embedded themselves into our team, become real team players, and have really supported the team in the everyday understanding of how Siteimprove works, how we use the data, and how we use that to drive the improvement in quality of the experience we deliver for our customers.

Conner Josey
Digital Director at BT Enterprise

A clear path for the future

Since using Siteimprove, BT Enterprise now has what they once lacked: clarity.

Their partnership with Siteimprove has helped bring clarity to a complex delivery framework and streamlined efforts to identify and resolve its content issues. With actionable steps and Siteimprove by their side, they have the foundation, workflows, and support to drive a consistent quality agenda.