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How Merck managed an ambitious website relaunch with the help of Siteimprove, raising visitor numbers to 10 million yearly

"We’ve partnered with Siteimprove in the light of a major website relaunch with the objective to merge 3 heterogeneous website presences spanning over 10,000 pages into one unified estate to strengthen our brand and create one voice. Given a rather short timeline of 8 months, this was a tremendously ambitious project. Despite the challenge the Siteimprove platform enabled us to not only maintain but significantly improve the quality of our content, setting a new standard for the website experience we offer to our visitors. Since the relaunch, we were able to quadruple traffic to our website and gain deep data-driven insights into the mechanics of content design, which will guide our digital marketing efforts moving forward."

Jörg Lothal, Senior Manager Corporate Communications, Web Intelligence & SEM


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