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How Openreach doubled website traffic and increased team efficiency by 20%

Siteimprove has partnered with us to raise the bar for visitors to our website – setting a new benchmark for quality, content design, user experience, data-driven decision making, and digital marketing at Openreach.

Scott Room

Director Brand, Marketing and Digital


increase in team efficiency


times more traffic


increase in Quality Assurance score

25 million reasons why

Openreach, a subsidiary of British Telecommunications, runs the UK's digital network. Their 35,000 employees work to connect everything from homes to schools to businesses with the highest possible connection quality.

With Openreach’s ambitious goal to build out the full-fiber network across the UK and reach 25 million premises by 2026, Scott Room, Director of Brand, Marketing and Digital, prioritized increasing traffic to the website to get visitors excited about this fantastic new technology.

To support this effort, offering a stellar content experience is key. In addition to driving visitor numbers, Scott’s team put a strong focus on creating a long-term digital presence that stands out from the rest. That’s when Scott turned to Siteimprove for help.

Twice as nice

During their two years using Siteimprove, Openreach nearly doubled their website traffic, going from 250,000 visits to over 450,000. How did they do it? To improve their SEO and make it more likely for a potential customer to find their website (and stick around), Scott and his team used Siteimprove to focus on several key areas:

  • Website accessibility: Siteimprove provides metrics that enable Openreach to continuously improve their site accessibility and work towards WCAG compliance.
  • Quality Assurance (QA): Siteimprove helped Openreach detect and resolve pain points on their website. By increasing readability, updating content, and fixing errors, Openreach improved their QA score from 76.2% to 97%.
  • Increased capacity: While making these improvements has meant a lot for their customers, it also gave the Openreach marketing team a precious gift: more time. The team has freed up 20% more time by automating mundane tasks with Siteimprove, leaving them with more capacity to concentrate on the strategic work that matters most.

The Siteimprove platform has enabled us to double our traffic to our website over the last two years, increase team efficiency by over 20%, and given us an exciting roadmap of enhancements for the future.

Scott Room
Director Brand, Marketing and Digital

Raising the bar

What does all this mean for Openreach? “Siteimprove has allowed us to make constant, continuous improvements to that journey rather than do big, wholesale changes,” says Room. With more data at their disposal, Openreach feels more empowered than ever to make informed decisions and drive positive change.