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QV Skincare

Inclusivity investment leads to big gains in site performance and SEO ranking

“We explored the Keyword Performance graphs in Siteimprove and have found that QV Skincare website now enjoys 7x more number one search result placements for strategic keywords. Having moved from ranking number one for an average of 13 keywords to now ranking number one for 90 keywords.”

Glenn Watson

Global Digital Capabilities and Analytics Manager


fewer days spent going to market


Improved Core Web Vitals


Where to Buy Consideration (Organic Search)

From 8 months to 8 days: How QV Skincare & Siteimprove transformed the customer experience

Australian-based QV Skincare is a family-owned, skincare brand that enjoys strong loyalty among multiple generations of Australian consumers who trust these products to cleanse and moisturize sensitive skin.

QV Skincare also has a prominent international presence with:

  • 50 QV products in 20 nations around the world
  • 50 million units sold

As a skincare leader for 70 years, parent company Ego Pharmaceuticals continues to develop, manufacture, and market innovative skincare products through QV Skincare and other brands.

Despite strong brand loyalty in Australia, QV Skincare was experiencing market pressures from more digitally agile competitors. An analysis showed the QV Skincare digital funnel was leaking both from the top where their market position was threatened and the middle where friction in the experience was leading customers to abandon the website.

To reach new consumers and shore up the brand reputation, it was clear the customer digital experience needed to change. QV Skincare partnered with Siteimprove to create a more inclusive website with error-free content and improved performance that could reduce friction, increase traffic, and ultimately, improve website conversions.

Tailored customer journeys unlock results

The effort began by optimizing on-site content by creating tailored journeys for customers that better aligned with market demand and user demands. There was also a focus on scalable experiences so the QV digital team could become more agile and responsive to the market.

Siteimprove soon became the transformative tide that lifts all ships. Not only did the software help remove friction in the customer journey and provide a more inclusive experience, but the gains in efficiency for the web team combined with improved SEO performance were truly impressive. In terms of keyword ranking, QV Skincare saw their share of those in the first, second, and third position in search engine results increase by 592% over a 6-month period.

The results were both transformational and immediate. Within weeks the QV Skincare site experienced significantly more organic traffic and improved their SEO score. Siteimprove also helped the web team tackle SEO and accessibility issues in record time, shortening their lead time to address errors cross-site from 8 months to a mere 8 days.

As the QV and Siteimprove partnership deepens, the skincare brand's speed-to-market will continue to result in more inclusive customer experiences that drive content efficacy and revenue.