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From algorithms to insights: How AI is reshaping SEO practices

As AI adoption increases and its capabilities expand, its impact on SEO becomes more profound. Join Siteimprove for an insightful webinar that explores how AI is shaping the field and learn from case studies that can inspire SEO practitioners to refine their strategic approaches.



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AI is everywhere. Learn how it's already affecting your SEO.

AI Overviews (formerly Search Generative Experience), launched this past May, represent a paradigm shift in the realm of SEO. Utilizing advanced machine learning techniques, AI Overviews revolutionize traditional search practices by generating direct answers, without reliance on conventional links. This transformative approach has left many SEO professionals uncertain about the future of search optimization strategies.

Join Siteimprove’s Diane Kulseth, Digital Marketing Consulting Team Lead, and Eric Carlson, SEO Manager, as they break down how AI is already changing the search experience, and how this evolution has changed how much control you have over branded search.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How the latest changes in AI affect search engines and what to look for on your website
  • Ways to set your website up for success with the recent developments in SEO
  • How to create an action plan for addressing any future changes in search

Everyone wants to stay ahead of the AI curve, so register now!

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Diane Kulseth team lead for Digital Marketing Consulting at Siteimprove.

Diane Kulseth

Digital Marketing Consulting, Team Lead at Siteimprove

Diane Kulseth is the team lead for Digital Marketing Consulting at Siteimprove. In her role, she works with clients to build a stronger digital marketing strategy and oversees the various service offerings we provide customers. With over 10 years of cross-vertical experience, Diane enjoys digging into and solving complex digital marketing problems that customers face so they can connect with qualified audiences and increase their brand reach.

Eric Carlson, SEO Manager at Siteimprove

Eric Carlson

SEO Manager at Siteimprove

For over a decade, Eric Carlson has provided digital marketing expertise by aligning content creation, strategy, and SEO in a wide range of industries and in line with evolving trends. His biggest message for brands looking to grow? The importance of maintaining a consistent voice to find your audience through various channels. As the SEO manager at Siteimprove, he focuses on helping the entire SEO industry have the tools they need to be successful. He is a proud MnSearch Board Member — a well-established marketing organization in Minneapolis. When he’s not thinking about digital marketing (which is rare), Eric spends time with his family, plays sports, and recovers from injuries from playing sports.