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Relaunch right: How to avoid the biggest website redesign mistakes

Discover how to simplify your web redesign process and set your team up for success. Join Ezekiel Rudick, VP Brand Marketing, and Jessica Navarro, Senior Editor, as they dive into the common mistakes marketers make when revamping their websites – and explore how you can avoid them with the right tools and some careful planning.

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Get the most out of your next redesign

Ever wondered why so many redesign projects end up either delayed, over budget, or even scrapped altogether? It’s because the entire process is filled with potential pitfalls that can overwhelm marketing teams. Those who wander into these projects unprepared can easily get lost in a nightmare of technical, content, and SEO issues.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Redesigns should be an opportunity to improve your site’s performance, build a stronger brand identity, and drive results. Our session will explore how to keep your ambitious projects on-track and make sure your new site grabs the attention your brand deserves.

We’ll cover:

  • The essential steps of any successful redesign project
  • The right way to perform content and site audits
  • Setting effective goals (and aligning them to your business objectives)
  • Using analytics to track your funnel and user journeys

We’ll also give you a sneak peek into how our marketing team used our website refresh as an opportunity to optimize conversion paths on our website using our own Siteimprove tools. See how we optimized our user journey for performance and avoided common mistakes. Can’t wait to see you there!


Ezekiel Rudick

VP, Brand Marketing at Siteimprove

Equal parts creative leader and brand strategist, Ezekiel has spent his 15 year career helping leading SaaS, technology, and sporting apparel companies tell compelling brand stories that get results. The core of that work is marked by connecting the seemingly disparate worlds of journalistic storytelling, data-driven content strategy, and intuitive creativity to help brands tell value-driven brand stories through measurable, engaging content campaigns—across focused marketing channels—to influence brand credibility and measurable business growth. 

Jessica Navarro

Senior Editor at Siteimprove

With over 8 years of experience in creative content writing and storytelling, Jessica Navarro has worked across a wide range of organizations helping brands discover and share their story with the world. After working in hyper growth companies for many years, she has learned that execution is the key. Jessica can tackle anything from web copy, SoMe, newsletters, long form SEO content and so much more. As the senior editor at Siteimprove, Jessica has had a significant role in improving the performance of our web content and optimizing our website with efficient conversion paths and user journeys.