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Funnel details and AI Remediate

2024 Q1 Product Release

From complexity to clarity: Marketing oversight just got easier

Reporting on the ROI of marketing efforts is notoriously thorny and typically demands stitching together multiple reports that may not make sense when they’re viewed together. 

Siteimprove is dedicated to making marketing reporting seamless — and our latest products make reporting easier than ever, complete with new, sophisticated insights that will help you optimize every aspect of your digital marketing efforts. 

Even reporting on content, one of the trickiest components to evaluate, is getting a major boost, so you can expect more precise insights that will pave the way to better performance.

Funnel details and AI Remediate
Brace yourself for transformative updates that will make SEO and code fixes a breeze, plus an advanced tool that will show how adjustments to content affect funnel conversions.
Combined image of SEO Enterprise keyword monitoring and discovered keywords

Introducing SEO Enterprise

SEO Advanced is now SEO Enterprise. With this upgrade comes an even more sophisticated keyword pipeline, making us one of the only SEO providers that can support up to 150,000 keywords.  Additional capabilities include:  

  • Faster processing speeds for keyword discovery 
  • Strong keyword research data, with up to a 300% increase in suggestions and 1000% increase in discovery 

SEO Enterprise also comes with a new, patented Search Engine Visibility (SEV) score, which compares your visibility in organic rankings across keywords against that of your competitors. That way, you’re primed to better measure, track, and report on your SEO successes.

Game-changing AI-driven recommendations

AI Remediate, the latest addition to our suite of AI products, delivers up to 25% time savings when you’re fixing accessibility issues.  

By delivering context-specific code recommendations for any accessibility issues detected on your site, AI Remediate eliminates time-consuming guesswork. Presto, you can direct the time you save to creating engaging user experiences that drive business outcomes.

Funnel Comparisons allows you to compare a funnel across different time periods

Connect content changes to outcomes

If you’re a content marketer, you’re likely frustrated by making what you think is an improvement to content, only to have no reliable way to prove how the adjustment helped you reach your goals.  

Funnel Comparison to the rescue! As an update to our Funnels capabilities, Funnel Comparison allows you to compare a funnel across different time periods. That way, once you’ve updated or added content, you can tap deeper behavioral insights that shed light on “before” and “after” metrics on engagement and progression —and that goes a long way toward increasing conversions and proving ROI.

Subscriptions Overview is designed so you can quickly see the products you’re subscribed to

Expand the scope of your marketing insights

You asked and we delivered! Your Siteimprove Subscriptions Overview page is specially designed so you can quickly see the products you’re subscribed to and limits on your subscriptions.

Subscriptions Overview is designed so you can quickly see the products you’re subscribed to
As AI Remediate evolves it will be a great way to assist developers who are still early in the learning curve of accessibility, AI is the future of everything, to ignore its benefits would be careless.

Jason Whitehead
Accessibility Consultant Specialist — Allstate

The breakdown in Funnel Comparison is very nice! It allows us to compare and see which sources deliver the desired behavior. That can help us identify where the profitable traffic comes from and where to concentrate our efforts.

Head of Paid Search
European Postal and Logistic Solutions company — European Postal and Logistic Solutions company

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