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Increase revenue for your financial services institution

We helped a Denmark-based international bank with over 3 million customers increase total revenue by 7.5%. How? Armed with Siteimprove’s solutions, they were able to reduce potential compliance litigation risks and generate extra profit by addressing website accessibility roadblocks for the 5% of their client base with disabilities. We enabled them to efficiently build an accessible, inclusive digital experience that reduced customer experience issues and cleared the path to increased revenue. 

Work smarter with improved data visibility

With automated error catchers and instant content performance insights, our financial institutions customer not only saved $1M annually by catching issues before they were published, they improved their marketing team’s productivity by 20%. Quality assurance monitoring saved over 5,000 hours of QA time, the equivalence of 35 full-time employees’ work. These time savings allowed the customer to successfully reinvest efforts into driving revenue through optimized user experiences. 

Want more insights? Download our infographic and see the full case study results.