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Increase organic traffic and SEO conversion rates in the manufacturing sector

A global manufacturer specializing in packaging solutions increased their operating profit by $1.6m by using Siteimprove. With our tools, they drove more visibility to their print shop products and content pages by creating resources that performed well in search engine rankings. The result? An increase in organic traffic by 50% and a substantial improvement in overall brand awareness.

Attract and retain your target customers

Before Siteimprove, this manufacturer struggled to grow traffic to their site. Improving their visibility with search engine optimization was only half of the equation. With tools to help them map user journeys across 1,000+ pages, they were able to optimize user experiences and reduce bounce rates to keep visitors on their site longer. These improvements led to a 28% increase in their conversion rate, which increased revenue attributed to the website. 

Want more insights? Download our infographic and see the full case study results.