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Perfecting the digital buying experience in the tech sector

An international US-based cybersecurity and cloud service company added $10M to their annual profit by using Siteimprove to help them deliver an optimized B2B buying experience. This tech leader increased their overall monthly web traffic by 17% and their organic traffic by 40%. With a focus on accessibility, they were able to enhance their digital experience for customers with disabilities, resulting in a $100k boost in annual revenue.

Maintaining high-quality, accessible user experiences

With over 11 websites and 4,200 pages, maintaining a high standard of quality and accessibility was daunting with manual checks alone—but with Siteimprove, they could easily tackle site performance issues, eliminating outdated content and poor UX at scale. This B2B company in the IT sector saved time and resources while reducing bounce rates by 17%, leading to an additional operating profit of $7.2M per year.  

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