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Enterprise Success plan

1. Scope of Services

Siteimprove provides Enterprise support, education services, and advisory services as set forth in this Enterprise Success Plan.

2. Customer Success Executive

Enterprise Success Customers are assigned a Customer Success Executive (CSE) – a Siteimprove expert who understands the Customer’s business priorities and desired outcomes. The CSE quickly and effectively collaborates with technical support and other Siteimprove teams to manage the Customer’s issues to resolution, offers guidance to the Customer on best practices and training needs of users, and reports progress on a regular basis. During the Initial Term and each Renewal Term, the CSE will schedule quarterly strategy calls with Customer. Unused strategy calls do not rollover from one quarter to another.

3. Education Services

Customer shall have access to Siteimprove’s Frontier, Self-Help Resources, and training during the Initial Term and any Renewal Term.

3.1 Frontier Access

Customer access to the Siteimprove services included in the subscription (the “Included Services”) includes access to two different Frontier Tiers. Authorized platform users shall have access to the first Frontier Tier, which includes core course access. Access to the first Frontier Tier is conditioned upon the user being an authorized user of the Siteimprove platform. In addition, Customer shall have access to 50 Seats of Frontier Pro, which is evidenced in the Service Order. Frontier offers courses, learning paths, and reporting. Customer may purchase additional Seats to any of the Frontier Tiers. Frontier can be accessed through your dashboard at

3.2 Self-Help Resources

Customers can take full advantage of Siteimprove self-help tools, available online via our Help Center ( From that page, Customers can find links to technical documentation and knowledge base articles, review what’s new, read technical notes, and access free webinars.

3.3 Training

In addition to the live instructor-led trainings and office hours that are included in Frontier Pro, Customer may request consultant led Siteimprove platform training for topics or issues that require a more in-depth overview than the CSE can provide on an ad-hoc basis pursuant to Section 2 (Customer Success Executive). Customer may submit its request to its assigned CSE, who will verify the need for a training session. Customer and Siteimprove will cooperate in scheduling the training based on Siteimprove resource availability. Training sessions will be delivered remotely over the phone or internet and shall not exceed two (2) hours per session.

4. Siteimprove Platform Consultant

Enterprise Success Plan Customers are assigned to a Siteimprove platform consultant – a domain expert who understands Siteimprove’s product offerings, including Accessibility, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Ads (Paid Search), and Analytics. The platform consultant will provide the Customer strategic advice on how to best configure and utilize the Siteimprove platform. The advisory sessions will be conducted remotely over the phone or internet. Customer and Siteimprove will cooperate in scheduling the advisory sessions based on Siteimprove resource availability. Siteimprove has sole discretion to determine which resources to assign to the Customer. Advisory sessions do not include any form of remediation; Customer is solely responsible for all remediation based on the results of advisory sessions.

5. Solutions Expert

Platform optimization reviews will be conducted quarterly by a solutions expert to ensure the Platform and products are optimized to their full potential. The solutions expert will review the Customer’s business objectives and timelines for execution and will then provide recommendations within the platform to meet those goals. The review may also include a deep walkthrough of product functionality so Customers can fully leverage all of Siteimprove’s products. The solutions expert will provide their findings to Customer’s CSE. The CSE will schedule quarterly optimization review calls with the Customer. Unused optimization reviews will not roll over from one quarter to another.

6. Product Support

Customers can contact Siteimprove for product support and additional services by visiting our Help Center. At that location, Customers can submit a support ticket 24x7 every day of the year.

6.1 Services Levels

Siteimprove will utilize commercially reasonable efforts to promptly respond to all requests. Siteimprove aspires to review and respond to at least ninety percent (90%) of all tickets and requests within one (1) Business Day. “Business Day” is defined as one of the days on which any regional support center is open for business (see further details on Support and System Availability below). For critical errors, meaning errors which cause the service to be down or unavailable, Siteimprove guarantees Enterprise Customers to work nonstop (within EMEA business hours) until such error is resolved with regular updates to the Customer.

7. Support and System Availability

Siteimprove has regional support centers servicing the Americas, EMEA and APAC, providing Enterprise Customers with global support. Siteimprove will maintain its systems and operations to ensure Customer has access to the Included Services ninety-nine percent (99%) of the time (“System Availability”).

Further details on Support and System Availability can be found in our Help Center.

8. Scheduled Downtime

Siteimprove will notify Customer through email alerts at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance of all scheduled outages of the included Services (“Scheduled Downtime”) as long as Customer has signed up for the alerts at

9. Liabilities

Siteimprove will exercise its best efforts to meet the standards set forth in this plan. In the event of a material failure to meet the above standards in any given month, a service credit in the amount of three percent (3%) of the pro-rated annual subscription fees for the applicable month will be issued for Customer and available for future subscription fees (“Service Credit”). Siteimprove has no obligation to issue any Service Credit unless (i) Customer reports the material failure to Siteimprove immediately on becoming aware of it; and (ii) requests such Service Credit in writing within three days of the failure. In no event will a Service Credit exceed 10% of the annual subscription fee as set forth in the Agreement. The Service Credit is non-refundable upon termination of Customer’s Agreement with Siteimprove. The parties acknowledge and agree that the Service Credit is intended to be Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy with respect to any failure by Siteimprove under this plan.

10. Term

This Enterprise Success Plan remains in force for as long as Customer (i) has an active subscription for any Included Service and (ii) continues to pay Siteimprove for the Enterprise Success Plan. Siteimprove has sole discretion to update the terms of this plan at any time. Any updates shall be provided to Customer in a timely fashion.