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Allyship through accessibility

Personalization is the new normal and embracing inclusive design creates a sense of belonging

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According to Dr. Manisha Amin, allyship is about using you or your organization's advantages to make sure everyone is included and, beyond that, practicing what you preach.

Through her work at the Centre for Inclusive Design, Dr. Amin has demonstrated that designing inclusively results in better experiences for everyone, and is a way to show your strength as an ally. She also reminds that personalization is the new normal and that every user should feel a sense of belonging.

This special webinar expands upon what allyship through accessibility means for your business, how inclusive design can help, and what you can do today to make an impact. 

Meet our featured speakers

Dr. Manisha Amin, Centre for Inclusive Design

Dr Manisha Amin is an innovation leader and a cultural and social change champion, focused on helping organisations harness the power of thinking from the edge. She is CEO of the Centre for Inclusive Design, a social enterprise which helps companies to build and design products, services and policies that are inclusive, valuable and usable for as many people as possible. She has a PhD in Arts and Social Science, a Masters in Professional Writing, and a Bachelor of Business (Marketing), from the University of Technology, Sydney. Manisha is also on the Board of ADHD Australia and is a published novelist.