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Check Mate

Delivering a bold social strategy that builds true community

In this on-demand webinar, VP of Digital Content & Engagement at SiriusXM and Pandora, Tatiana Holifield take you through a social playbook that uses tools like social listening, community management, and campaign insights to grow a digital community that elevates your brand.

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Watch the fourth webinar in our Check Mate series

A brilliant social strategy on its best day builds a sustainable community, elevates brand awareness, and directly impacts any brand’s growth goals. The strategy for achieving these seemingly lofty goals has evolved and become ever so complex in recent years. Luckily, there are practitioners who can connect the disparate worlds of data, brand voice, and community engagement to build thriving digital communities.

Hear what Kevin Bobowski, Tatiana Holifield, and Alyse Biro have to say on: 

  • Building a community-building social media playbook
  • How to leverage brand voice to deliver successful social campaigns
  • Innovative, risk-taking ideas that elevate your brand

This is the fourth webinar in our Check Mate series. Each session focuses on one essential marketing topic and boils it down into a checklist of its own. The series is hosted by Siteimprove experts and features marketing thought leaders who'll share their expertise on every element of the ultimate marketing checklist. 


Tatiana Holifield

VP of Digital Content & Engagement at SiriusXM and Pandora

A seasoned, millennial marketing executive with 15 years of experience in media, sports and entertainment, Tatiana Holifield has helped the world’s most influential brands thrive amongst the evolving digital landscape. Throughout her career, Holifield has launched new media practices, scaled global marketing divisions, and helped generate billions of earned and owned media.

Holifield currently serves as Vice President, Digital Content & Audience Engagement for SiriusXM + Pandora where she is responsible for transforming the future of audio through digital and social media content and innovation for both brands.

Alyse Biro

Social Media Manager at Siteimprove

Alyse is the Siteimprove social media manager. She is an author, has worked with the network A&E, speaks at events around the country, and advocates for those with disabilities. She has written articles for The Tot, The Everymom, has been interviewed by Kate Spicer, along with noted author Andrew Solomon. She has over 100k Instagram followers and currently sits on the board of a nonprofit, and hosts a podcast.

Alyse has worked both B2B and B2C marketing campaigns. She believes regardless of what you’re marketing, you market to people.