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Check Mate: The Routines of Success - The Content Marketing Checklist

The Content Marketing Checklist featuring Jay Baer and Kevin Bobowski

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Success is built around routine. Checklists, best practices – even superstitions – are built around activity patterns that generate results.

These are the allies that guide you to repetitive success and are your power move to guarantee wins.

In this on-demand webinar, Siteimprove CMO Kevin Bobowski starts his journey to build the ultimate marketing checklist by talking with influencers, thought leaders, creatives, and great minds from across the marketing spectrum on the regular to help you build the power moves you’re looking for.

Our first session featured noted CX and tequila expert Jay Baer who discussed all things content – from concepting to creation to distribution, learn the methods that Jay uses to craft his important messages and bring them to life in ways that create impact.