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Check Mate: Deciphering the clues behind webpages that convert

In this on-demand webinar, Oli Gardner, Founder of Presflow, lays out all the potential reasons your landing pages aren’t converting—and how to optimize them for success.

Watch the on-demand webinar

Watch the sixth webinar in our Check Mate series

For many marketers, designing webpages that convert can feel like a game of chance.

Swap a few headlines, spin the wheel, see how you do.

But Oli Gardner, founder of Presflow and notorious landing page detective, isn’t the gambling type. In fact, his years of experience in conversion science and brand-driven communication have made him an expert at spotting the clues for landing page success.

In our sixth webinar in the Check Mate series, Deciphering the clues behind webpages that convert, Oli breaks down the technical, linguistic, psychological, behavioural, and circumstantial reasons your pages aren't converting the way you want them to. Your landing pages are trying to tell you something—this webinar will give you the tools to listen.

Hear what Siteimprove Senior Director of Field Marketing, Reena Nijhar, and Oli Gardner have to say about:

  • Turning an investigative eye to your landing pages
  • Determining the page problems your redesign should solve
  • Addressing issues for truly optimized pages

This is the sixth webinar in our Check Mate series. Each session focuses on one essential marketing topic and boils it down into a checklist of its own. The series is hosted by Siteimprove experts and features marketing thought leaders who'll share their expertise on every element of the ultimate marketing checklist.


Oli Gardner

Founder of Presflow

Presflow founder Oli Gardner is on a mission to rescue bad bullet points from the presenters who made them that way. He’s an award-winning public speaker and a veteran of hundreds of speaking engagements. He has developed methods for presentation design and structure which now power the platform to help make everyone's presentations better. He was recently named the greatest presenter on the planet, by his 3yr old son Hendrix, who has no idea what public speaking is.