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Decoding Section 508: A roadmap to program maturity

Navigating the intricacies of Section 508 Assessment results can be like deciphering a complex code. Watch our on-demand webinar where we provide you with the keys to streamline and ensure digital accessibility throughout your agency.

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Section 508 Assessment results are here – now here’s what they mean

We understand that interpreting the results might feel like navigating a maze, and we're here to guide you through the twists and turns of this intricate landscape. 

Watch to learn more about what Christina Adams, Manager of Digital Accessibility, and Kevin Rydberg, Managing Accessibility Consultant, found in the first annual Section 508 Assessment report and their actionable insights on how you can prepare your agency for the next reporting cycle in August.

In this on-demand webinar, we:

  • Provide a brief overview of the Section 508 Assessment 
  • Dissect our expert findings from the report 
  • Share how you can improve your agency’s program maturity for the next Assessment cycle 

Don't let the complexity of digital accessibility assessments leave you in the dark. Download now!


Christina Adams Manager of Digital Accessibility, Siteimprove

Christina Adams

Manager, Digital Accessibility at Siteimprove

Christina is a Digital Accessibility Software Engineer at Siteimprove and is a Certified Professional in Web Accessibility through the International Association of Accessibility Professionals. Christina’s work is focused on crafting impactful user experiences while championing inclusive process improvements. As an accessibility subject matter expert, she helps drive accessibility initiatives and provides educational and consultative services to our customers worldwide. With a deep technical understanding of the web alongside a passion for design and user experience, Christina is helping to create a more inclusive and accessible web.

Kevin Rydberg

Managing Accessibility Consultant at Siteimprove

Kevin is responsible for guiding and supporting organizations on their journey to create accessible websites. With 18+ years of experience in the multimedia and web development space, including enterprise redesign and accessibility overhauls, Kevin is a critical partner for Siteimprove customers when it comes to creating successful and sustainable accessibility programs.