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How the University of California is fostering a community with accessibility

Does the thought of tackling accessibility on your own make you feel a bit nervous?

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Does the thought of tackling accessibility on your own make you feel a bit nervous?

That's the question Somphone Eno and other members of the Disabiliity Services Center at UC Irvine posed to their community. To calm these nerves and remind people they don't have to take on this challenge alone, UC Irvine started a Siteimprove Summer Camp complete with courses and helpful information.

That's just one of the programs University of California is implementing to incentivize and promote accessibility training. Hear from Lucy, Todd, Meredith, and Somphone on the importance of building community with accessibility.

Meet our featured speakers

Lucy Greco, Accessibility evangelist for the UC, Berkeley

Lucy Greco is an accessibility evangelist for UC Berkeley and has worked in accessibility for over 30 years. Lucy works in the area of educational accessibility, electronic access and all kinds of access for everyone.

Todd McGill, Director of Web Communications at UC, Irvine

Todd McGill is the Director of Web Communications at UCI specializing in accessible front-end development and leads a technology team responsible for university websites and applications. He is co-chair of the campus accessibility workgroup and is the incoming chair of the University of California systemwide accessibility committee. He is a dog person.

Meredith Ehrenberg, Information Architect at the UC, Irvine

Meredith Ehrenberg is an Information Architect at the University of California, Irvine. Her work involves organizing and labeling information and creating user interfaces that are easy and intuitive to navigate. A core focus for her is ensuring her projects and websites are accessible to all. Meredith is an active member of UCI's IT Accessibility Workgroup and champions both accessibility and wellness among her peers.

Somphone Eno, Assistive Technology Manager, Disability Services Center at UC, Irvine

Somphone Eno (she/her), has over 15 years of experience working in the disability services field in higher education. She has extensive knowledge of Assistive Technologies as well as accessibility concepts for digital content.