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Rethinking digital accessibility: From compliance to cornerstone

As the digital world evolves, accessibility stands as a cornerstone of inclusivity, ensuring that everyone can engage with digital content and services seamlessly. Watch Siteimprove and Nexer Digital’s insightful on-demand webinar that delves into the intricacies of digital accessibility and how it benefits both your users and your business.

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Inclusivity isn’t just a buzzwordit's a business and brand necessity.

Following basic digital accessibility standards ensures your website is navigable for all users. But moving from ‘compliance as an end goal’ to ‘compliance as a baseline’ is where you will find the true benefits of prioritizing accessibility. 

Hear from Nexer Digital’s Molly Barnes, accessibility and user experience consultant, and Danny Lancaster, accessibility lead, alongside Siteimprove’s Jean-Yves Moyen, principal software engineer, as they share common challenges users may face when it comes to digital accessibility and how looking beyond compliance can benefit your business. 

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn: 

  • What navigating digital products and services is like from personal experience 
  • Key roles and difference between digital accessibility standards like the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and the European Accessibility Act (EAA) 
  • How to create truly inclusive digital experiences through both organizational changes and technical tips


Image of Molly Barnes Accessibility and User Experience Consultant at Nexer Digital 

Molly Barnes

Accessibility and User Experience Consultant at Nexer Digital 

Molly is an accessibility and usability consultant at Nexer Digital, where she consults on projects with clients including the NHS and Bupa. Molly has Usher Syndrome, a rare form of deafblindness, and knows first-hand how transformative assistive technologies can be. Molly is also an influential keynote speaker and has worked with prominent organisations including Spotify and Apple, sharing her experiences and advocating for accessibility.

Image of Danny Lancaster  Accessibility Lead at Nexer Digital 

Danny Lancaster

Accessibility Lead at Nexer Digital 

Danny Lancaster is accessibility lead at Nexer Digital. Driven by the ethos of the web as a platform for all, Danny’s role is multifaceted and includes accessibility advocacy and public speaking. He’s dedicated his career to accessibility and inclusive design as fundamental to making a usable service that has the widest reach to all customers and audiences. Danny has a proven track record of effecting positive change by supporting organisations, delivery teams and their customers.

Image of Jean-Yves Moyen Principal Software Engineer at Siteimprove

Jean-Yves Moyen

Principal Software Engineer at Siteimprove 

Jean-Yves is principal software engineer at Siteimprove and co-chair of the Accessibility Conformance Testing Rules community group of the W3C. As member of the W3C, Jean-Yves takes part in efforts to harmonize accessibility testing across the industry. At Siteimprove, he implements these rules into our home-brewed checking engine Alfa. Jean-Yves has deep technical knowledge of HTML, CSS, ARIA and WCAG and distills it into accessibility checks to make complexity look simple and bring remediation focus where it matters.