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What happens next? Travel and tourism marketing after lockdown

As lockdowns begin to lift across several regions and provinces in Canada, what will the return to tourism look like? In this webinar, we discuss strategic marketing and what happens next for the travel and tourism industry. 

Here's what we cover:

  • What worked vs. what didn’t during COVID-19 lockdowns
  • How has search changed for tourism and travel?
  • How to shift your strategy to target and promote local travel within Canada
  • How are your reopening initiatives performing? How can you better optimize these plans going forward?


About the Presenters

Photo of Matthew Bebenek

Matthew Bebenek Solutions Consultant

Matthew Bebenek is a Solutions Consultant at Siteimprove, based in the Toronto office. Matthew is dedicated to helping organizations big and small obtain actionable organic and paid search analytics to avoid analysis paralysis when it comes to driving brand awareness and traffic, typically brought on by overwhelming amounts of data. Matthew has a degree in Applied Economics from Queen's University, and has been working with various forms of data analytics platforms since 2010.

Photo of Matthew Margey

Matthew MargeySearch Consultant

With over ten years experience working in search, Matt is the go-to SEO and Paid Search guru for Siteimprove Canada. Matt leads search discussions with prospects and customers and is often featured in webinars, blog posts and various speaking opportunities.

Before starting at Siteimprove, Matt lived and worked in Australia as the Head of SEO at Scorch iProspect where he managed the SEO strategy for enterprise-level clients.

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