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Why SEO is more important than ever

Interest in SEO is increasing more than ever. As organizations shift their strategies to digital-only, we see more and more content being created and pushed out to consumers. While it's important to ensure you're in a position to capitalize on short-term wins, you need to make sure you have a balanced strategy in place to help your organization long-term as well.

Watch our on-demand webinar where we discuss why SEO is important right now, and how you can adapt your SEO strategy.

Here's what we cover: 

  • How COVID-19 has impacted digital marketing. Why is SEO trending?
  • How you should adapt your SEO strategy
  • Building a roadmap to maximize your long-term SEO success
  • Learn about Siteimprove's SEO Advanced Platform


About the Presenter

Photo of Matthew Margey

Matthew Margey Search Consultant

With over ten years experience working in search, Matt is the go-to SEO and Paid Search guru for Siteimprove Canada. Matt leads search discussions with prospects and customers and is often featured in webinars, blog posts and various speaking opportunities.

Before starting at Siteimprove, Matt lived and worked in Australia as the Head of SEO at Scorch iProspect where he managed the SEO strategy for enterprise-level clients.

Watch the webinar