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Siteimprove working to champion accessibility with third-party vendors

Mar 25, 2019 - By Jessica O'Sullivan-Munck

Making sure products and software purchased from a third-party vendor comply with your company or organizations accessibility policy can be difficult. Many software products aren’t inherently accessible straight out of the box, and for a company like Siteimprove that champions web accessibility and believes the web should be accessible to people of all abilities this can create challenges when deciding what provider to choose.

However, Siteimprove is uniquely positioned to influence those we work with to share our vision, and as we believe accessibility is an ongoing process, rather than a one-off project, we often work hard to give our users the support they need to work around any issues that software may pose, whilst utilizing our expertise to assist third party vendors in working with web accessibility. One such company is Articulate, a company that develops e-learning apps.

Siteimprove utilizes several products from Articulate to provide customers and prospects with access to the Siteimprove Academy, which is a comprehensive e-learning hub for courses about accessibility, analytics, SEO, and more.

Articulate, like Siteimprove, is committed to ensuring that its software is compliant with the internationally recognized Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Compliance, however, isn’t always a simple quick-fix, as we’ve touched upon before in our blog “Creating a Development Culture That Prioritizes Software Accessibility.”

As part of the ongoing conversation between Siteimprove and Articulate, we have worked hard to utilize our unique expertise in web accessibility to provide Articulate with detailed actionable information on how they can continue to increase its conformance. This way they can continue to develop world-class software that not only serves the needs of their customers, but that is accessible to users of all abilities.

You can read more details about Articulate Storyline, one of the products Siteimprove utilizes, and WCAG 2.0 criteria, Levels A and AA, in this article.