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Whether your aim is ensuring that every visitor can access what they need, reassuring them of confidentiality and security, or seeking out a platform that supplies you with the actionable data you need to make smart digital marketing decisions, we’ve got you covered.

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Let us take care of you for a change

Accessibility compliance

Our platform and data analytics are fully compliant with all industry-specific confidentiality regulations including ADA, Section 508, and HIPAA, so upholding patient and member privacy has never been easier. Not only do we readily sign Business Association Agreements (BAA), but we even have our own form prepared and available for your convenience.

Comprehensive analytics & automatic reporting

With robust analytics, easy-to-use dashboards, and automated reporting, you’ll spend less time gathering and poring over data and more time on improving your patient and member experience. From SEO to analytics, our solutions have you covered so you can quickly identify opportunities to improve website performance and invest your marketing resources where there's the most opportunity.

Seamless UX

Your patients and members expect seamless digital experiences: They want to book appointments, communicate with their providers, access their records, and educate themselves without getting lost. Exceed their expectations with Siteimprove’s content optimization solutions, which make sharing medical updates, scheduling appointments, and tapping education materials easy.

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Support when and where you need it

Our team has spent the last decade helping leaders in the healthcare industry deliver exceptional and compliant digital experiences. While you’ll hear us sing the praises of automated testing again and again, we also offer manual testing testing as a service to catch things no machine can, plus consulting services to help you stay on top of your game.

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