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Total Economic Impact of Siteimprove

The Total Economic Impact™ of Siteimprove

We could tell you how we can help you grow your business. But we’d rather show you the facts.

Total Economic Impact of Siteimprove

Siteimprove commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ study of our enterprise platform. And the results don’t lie.

ROI 275% payback <6 months

*ROI over a three-year period 

The study shows that Siteimprove enables companies to provide a more consistent and elevated digital experience for their customers, leading to a boost in profit and widened market reach. And the benefits don’t stop there. Companies using our platform also break down organizational siloes and promote a data driven culture. 

“I spend more time now planning optimizations and providing insights to the business. Previously, I was spending a lot of time collecting and manipulating data and not as much time learning from the data. Siteimprove definitely helps with that.” Marketing analyst, education 

What’s in the study?

Browse the study to see exactly how Siteimprove can transform your content into customer experiences that drive marketing performance. In the study, you will see how Siteimprove’s platform delivers: 

  • Increased profit from refined site UX and design, thanks to using Siteimprove to methodically apply insights-driven approaches to page redesigns, content creation, and marketing campaign spending.  
  • Increased profit from improved accessibility, as Siteimprove customers expanded their customer base by proactively ensuring web practices are aligned with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.  
  • Automated Monitoring and workflow leading to significant savings via site monitoring automation, reducing the average time spent on error detection and content monitoring by 90%.  
  • Bolstered traffic from SEO, through the optimization of web content and identification and remediation of technical, content, user experience (UX), or mobile issues. 

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