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Web accessibility testing made simple.

Testing Services

Siteimprove Testing Services includes both Manual and OCR Testing so that you can be sure your website is up to accessibility standards.

OCR Testing Services

If you have received a complaint from the Office for Civil Rights regarding the inclusiveness of your website, Siteimprove's talented accessibility testers work with you to assess the issue. They’ll conduct a series of automated and manual testing processes and produce a comprehensive audit report. Once testing is complete, they review the results with you and provide a Corrective Action Plan Template along with a Plan for New Content Template that allows you to execute your resolutions.

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Manual Testing Services

Siteimprove’s certified team of manual accessibility testers evaluates websites using a combination of keyboard-only interactions, assistive computer technologies, and web browser plug-ins. Our manual testers perform a WCAG Web Content Review and provide recommendations for quick wins, as well as address the unique accessibility needs of your website.

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Enhance your accessibility with manual testing

Including manual testing as part of your web accessibility strategy creates a more balanced and comprehensive approach to accessibility compliance when paired with reliable automated testing. Manual testing is an unavoidable method for catching accessibility issues that automated solutions are not able to detect:

  • Overcome the limitations of automated testing such as tab order, timing, mobile functionality, keyboard traps, carousels, etc.

  • Get insight from trained professionals

  • Receive results based on components

  • Get a new perspective on your UX and dynamic interactions

Download this overview and explore how manual testing with Siteimprove can boost your accessibility strategy.

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