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Quick marketing wins you can realize with data today

- By Callum Howkins - Sep 26, 2023 Marketing Performance Web Analytics Performance

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We’re in an age of digital disruption. One where data is no longer just a buzzword: it’s essential to keep up.   

To stay relevant and stand out from the growing crowd, you need to make strong, reliable insights the backbone of your marketing strategy. Good data helps us find out what your audience really values, and uncovering new info can make all the difference to your latest campaign. 
Sounds straightforward, right? Thing is, there’s a catch. Many of us are already pressed for time, especially when it comes to content creation and demand generation and incorporating data into your workflow risks stretching already strained resources. As the competition picks up, and generative AI tools focus on speed and quantity over quality, it’s not hard to see why so many in our industry feel overwhelmed.  

In short: you need quick wins, and you need them now. 

For those of you who feel like you’re falling behind on the data front, we’ve put together some fast and effective data wins you can implement today – all of which will make a substantial impact to your current digital performance. Let’s dive in. 

Win #1: Improve content quality and relevance 

Standing out isn’t just a case of being the loudest, it’s about being the most relevant. By understanding your user's needs and preferences, you can create optimized content that resonates with them. Which not only boosts engagement and improves retention, but, most importantly, raises your conversion rates. 
Data helps uncover hidden stories about your customers, including their behaviors, needs, values, and previous interactions with your brand. But the data commonly available for website analytics isn’t enough. You may have started tracking metrics (think engagement, reach, organic traffic, and click-through rates) but surface-level metrics simply can’t provide the information you need to identify why a content piece isn’t performing.  

In combination with these web metrics, you also need to explore behavioral insights such as user journeys, funnels, and behavior maps and tracking. From there, you can start to tailor your content and CTAs towards your specific segment’s needs and interests. Monitor how your target audience responds and refine your strategy as needed to get the best results.  

Implement this win today:

Start segmenting your audience using analytics tools that power both web analytics and behavioral insights, like the Marketing Analytics feature in the Siteimprove Marketing Performance suite. Once you’ve defined your segments and identified common traits, you can track how your content resonates and make tweaks to improve it.   

Win #2: Optimize ad spend 

In a MarTech recession where budgets are tightening, it’s never been more important to make every penny count. 75% of CMOs say they’re facing pressure to cut their marketing spend. By scrutinizing which platforms, campaigns, or audience segments are most fruitful, you can allocate resources more effectively and get more bang for your buck.  

The biggest gains will come from identifying which ads aren’t performing and eliminating them from your output. This will ensure that your ad dollars are only invested in avenues that yield returns, and help you continually optimize for maximum returns. 

Implement this win today: 

Once again, you’ll want to dive into analytics on your platform of choice. Identify top-performing campaigns and channels and reallocate budgets based on performance metrics. Siteimprove brings all your ad data into the same platform you use for your web analytics, so you can always keep track of what ads are performing well and adjust your strategy accordingly. 

Win #3: Improve content ROI 

Publishing great content is all well and good, but at the end of the day, it’s a marketer’s job to deliver content that performs. You want to focus on producing content that drives ROI, whether that’s brand awareness or direct conversions, so you’re investing those marketing dollars instead of spending them. 

It’s critical to be able to quantify what you’re getting out of the content you produce. What are your KPIs? Are people engaging with it? Who is it reaching? And how is it impacting the final conversion rate?  
Once you understand the metrics, you can assess the cost of producing your content and compare it against the overall performance to calculate a rough ROI. 

Better data can help you pinpoint the exact kinds of topics and formats that perform best, so you can focus your efforts (and budget) on the ones that succeed. What’s more, you can save time and money by identifying and cutting concepts that don’t hold up. 

Implement this win today: 

A comprehensive analytics suite will help you track the performance of your content and assess its quality and relevance. You’ll want to set clear KPIs, including overall conversion, and Siteimprove’s Marketing Performance solution includes a range of tools to help you navigate the entire user journey and find out where your ROI drops off.  

Win #4: Speed up content creation 

Content is still king, helping you establish brand authority, trust, and connection. But delivering the right content at the right time means meeting audience demands and staying relevant in fast-paced digital conversations. 

Tools like generative AI can help you flesh out ideas faster, but if you want to create content that resonates, you still need original, data-driven prompts that help you build a solid brand reputation. Rather than guessing what your audience wants, having the right data throughout the process can make you more efficient by focusing on the topics and formats that resonate most. 

Implement this win today: 

Marketing Performance helps you stay ahead in every step of the journey, from traffic acquisition, to engagement, to conversion. Our streamlined dashboard gives you an instant high-level summary of your key issues and enables you to incorporate insights into your content at a much faster pace. With the right keywords and audience segmentation data, you can quickly and efficiently optimize your content for visibility, improving overall ROI and cutting down on low-performing content assets.  

What’s next? 

The digital marketing realm is vast and ever-evolving, but with data as your guide, navigating becomes less daunting. Embrace a data-driven approach, start with small changes, and watch your marketing soar.  

At Siteimprove, we make data accessible for the everyday marketer. We bring the same depth as other solutions on the market, but also provide streamlined and user-friendly options that help you move fast with minimum initial outlay. We’ve helped over 7,000 organizations get more out of their data, and we can bring the same performance impacts to your team today.  

Explore what’s new in our latest platform update (Q3 2023), including our new Core Wins feature.