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Qudos Bank

Qudos Bank and their journey from quick wins to digital experience champions

Our relationship with Siteimprove began in 2013, initially as a solution to monitor website uptime and downtime, spelling errors on the website, and broken links. Over the years, we have deepened our relationship with Siteimprove, finding the service to always offer a great fit with our needs at a fair price.

Olivia Franetic

Digital Marketing Specialist

Selecting a platform that checks all the boxes

Qudos Bank, previously known as Qantas Credit Union, is a customer-owned Australian bank founded in 1959. Since its inception, the bank has grown to over 170 employees across seven branch locations.

As a member of the heavily regulated financial services industry, Qudos Bank needed to ensure they were constantly maintaining their website to fulfill regulatory requirements, as well as providing customers with updated, accessible, and usable information.

The Qudos team wanted a solution that offered a user-friendly interface to improve efficiencies, plus informational resources to help the team continue developing their skills and knowledge.

Ensuring content quality in the finance industry

With a corporate website spanning over 500 pages, manual quality assurance was time consuming and unwieldy. Customers or employees would often point out errors like spelling mistakes or broken links, which were then manually reported to the marketing team. In the time it took for that information to move from customer, to customer service, to marketing, an issue may have been on the website for several days or longer.

Within the first few months of using Siteimprove, Qudos Bank eliminated all misspellings and broken links across the website from a centralized team. Then, to maintain compliance more easily, they set industry-specific rules and activated site monitoring, so they could be notified when the site was down and for how long.

Our website is the primary source of information for our customers, so it is important that our customers are able to find the information they need easily and in a suitable format. Siteimprove has played a key role in helping identify the areas in which we don’t meet these key objectives.

Rebecca Bestawros
Digital Marketing Coordinator

One tool to rule them all

The most precious resource Qudos Bank earned through using Siteimprove? Time. With all the information they needed in one place, the team saw big improvements in workflow productivity and they were able to allocate time to other areas of the website.

The Siteimprove platform identified and showed the team all errors in a single, centralized place, saving them time they would have spent locating those issues. This also gave the digital marketing team the chance to work more closely with the web developers, discussing and resolving technical issues raised by the platform that the marketing team would have otherwise been unaware of.

Making decisions and proving ROI with data

The heatmaps feature within Siteimprove Analytics enabled the Qudos Bank team to understand the behavior of users and their engagement with the website. This empowered them to make data-driven changes to their website, such as reordering the content on webpages based on the way customers scroll and view information.

Prior to using Siteimprove, it was impossible to prove the ROI of the website, as they weren’t able to measure key performance indicators. “Siteimprove Analytics has really helped us show the success of our website to internal stakeholders as it quantifies the visitors to our website, our top performing pages and the behavior of our customers,” adds Olivia.

Siteimprove kudos from Qudos

“Siteimprove is an essential tool which will help you monitor and improve key areas of your website, and support your overall digital strategy using the SEO, Performance, Accessibility, and Analytics features. It allows you to be more productive by automating time-consuming tasks,” says Olivia.

With the tools and resources they need to provide a better digital experience, improved processes to execute on that experience, and more time to focus on their future digital marketing strategy – the team at Qudos Bank is continuously innovating their entire digital ecosystem.