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Qudos Bank case study


  • Maintaining content quality in order to comply with regulatory requirements
  • Addressing website errors proactively and efficiently
  • Getting an overview of website performance
  • Providing accessible information to customers based on their needs
  • Proving website ROI


  • Drastically reduced content errors managed, which was managed from a centralized team
  • Created industry specific rules to maintain compliance more easily
  • Increased efficiency by using centralized dashboards
  • Better cross-team collaboration
  • Proven website ROI to internal stakeholders

"Our relationship with Siteimprove began in 2013, initially as a solution to monitor website uptime and downtime, spelling errors on the website, and broken links. Over the years, we have deepened our relationship with Siteimprove, finding the service to always offer a great fit with our needs at a fair price."

Olivia Franetic
Digital Marketing Specialist at Qudos Bank

"The Policy tool within Siteimprove has helped us ensure compliance goals are met."

Rebecca Bestawros
Digital Marketing Coordinator at Qudos Bank

The short story

Qudos Bank first become a Siteimprove customer in 2013. They first started using Siteimprove to maintain a compliant website while offering their customers a smooth, accessible, and accurate experience. By using Siteimprove, the Qudos Bank digital marketing team has been able to increase their efficiency, cut down manual labour and free up time to work on projects that help grow the business.

After success with Siteimprove Quality Assurance and Accessibility, the team expanded their Siteimprove package to include Analytics, which they use for a better understanding of user data and behavior maps, so they can optimize conversion rates. By using a single platform like Siteimprove, the team can also collaborate more easily with technical teams and demonstrate the ROI of Siteimprove to internal stakeholders.

Selecting a platform that checks all the boxes

Qudos Bank, previously known as Qantas Credit Union, is a customer-owned bank that was started by Qantas employees in 1959, now with over 170 employees across seven branches throughout Australia.

Working within the financial services industry, Qudos Bank needed to ensure they were constantly maintaining their website to adhere to regulatory requirements, as well as providing customers with updated, accessible, and usable information.

The Qudos Bank team were interested in finding a solution that offered a user-friendly interface to improve efficiencies and a provider who offered additional resources to help the team continue developing their skills and knowledge. Their four criteria for choosing a solution here:

1. User-friendly interface

2. Ease of access

3. Data and dashboard functionality

4. Cost

Olivia Franetic, Digital Marketing Specialist at Qudos Bank, says “Our relationship with Siteimprove began in 2013, initially as a solution to monitor website uptime and downtime, spelling errors on the website, and broken links. Over the years, we have deepened our relationship with Siteimprove, finding the service to always offer a great fit with our needs at a fair price.”

Ensuring content quality in the heavily regulated finance industry

As part of the heavily regulated finance industry, Qudos Bank’s biggest challenge started with managing compliance and ensuring the website content was monitored frequently for quality assurance.

The Qudos Bank corporate website is over 500 pages, making manual quality assurance time consuming and unwieldy. Prior to using Siteimprove, customers or employees would often point out errors like spelling mistakes or broken links, which were then manually reported to the marketing team.

By the time that information trickled from customer, to the customer service team, to marketing – a spelling mistake or broken link could have been on the website for several days, if not longer.

Rebecca Bestawros, Digital Marketing Coordinator at Qudos Bank says, “being in the financial industry, compliance is of paramount importance. The Policy tool within Siteimprove has helped us ensure compliance goals are met.”

“A specific example was setting a policy to highlight where the term ACN was used instead of ABN. We then used that policy to ensure consistency across the website in order to meet our legal and compliance obligation,” she continued.

Another example of Qudos Bank successfully using the Policy tool is for branding consistency. The team used the Policy tool to highlight every time the word ‘Qudos’ appeared without the word ‘Bank’ following, which helped them follow brand guidelines on the website.

Within the first few months of using Siteimprove, Qudos Bank eliminated all misspellings and broken links across the website from a centralized team, then set up industry specific rules to maintain compliance more easily, and set up site monitoring in order to be notified if the site was down and for how long.

Increasing efficiency by using the breadth of Siteimprove’s tools

One of the primary benefits the Qudos Bank team has seen when using Siteimprove is the increase in productivity by having all the information they need in one place. Olivia says that “as a result, we have been able to save time on tasks and allocate our time to other areas of the website.”

Siteimprove identifies errors in a centralized place, saving the time it takes to find where those errors are. Adding to that, Rebecca says, “I wouldn’t even know where to begin finding spelling errors without Siteimprove as we don’t have any of these tools within our current CMS.”

On top of that, the digital marketing team can work more closely with the Qudos Bank web developers to discuss and resolve technical issues that are raised in the platform that the marketing team would have otherwise not been aware of.

 “We save a lot of time and benefit from increased productivity, and as a result, we can focus our team’s attention to other areas of our digital activity and overall marketing objectives,” says Rebecca.

The digital marketing team also increases efficiency by consolidating their tasks into a single tool. Olivia says, “Siteimprove plays a critical role for the digital marketing team, as SEO, website performance, and accessibility are integral parts of their overall marketing strategy.”

Making decisions and proving ROI based on data

The Qudos Bank team uses Siteimprove Analytics, including the heatmaps feature, which has been particularly helpful in helping them understand the behavior of users and their engagement with the website. Olivia adds, “that information helps inform the changes the digital marketing team makes on the website in order to enhance the user experience and provide relevant content for our customers.”

Using analytics data, the Qudos Bank team has made data-driven changes to their website, such as reordering the content on webpages based on the way customers scroll and view information. Olivia says that “as a result of this, we have adjusted content to ensure the most important information and some of our CTA buttons are placed above the fold.”

“Siteimprove Analytics has really helped us show the success of our website to internal stakeholders as it quantifies the visitors to our website, our top performing pages and the behavior of our customers,” adds Olivia. Prior to using Siteimprove, it was impossible to prove the ROI of the website, as they weren’t able to measure key performance indicators

Furthering the relationship with Siteimprove

“Our relationship with Siteimprove has always provided us with value. From the easy and helpful customer service to informative one-on-one training sessions, we’ve found them to be a great partner” says Rebecca.

To that point, Qudos Bank recently expanded their Siteimprove package to include Advanced SEO and Performance. To which Rebecca says, “Our initial response to this has been nothing but positive. The team at Siteimprove have helped us demo the product, have set up a couple of meetings to show us some helpful tips and tricks with the tool and have teamed us up with one of their SEO experts who is sharing his wealth of knowledge to help us set up our Activity Plans and guide us through it to meet our specific business objectives.”

She adds to that by saying, “The Siteimprove team has been consistently available to assist with any of our questions or concerns. This has helped our digital marketing team get the most out of the tool and added a lot more value to it.”

Recommending Siteimprove to similar businesses

“Siteimprove is an essential tool which will help you monitor and improve key areas of your website, and support your overall digital strategy using the SEO, Performance, Accessibility, and Analytics features. It allows you to be more productive by automating time consuming tasks,” says Olivia.

She also recommends that new users start by creating personalized dashboards in Siteimprove, which allows them focus in on to individual business objectives and hone in on improving one area at a time. She says, “in our experience, this has had the greatest impact, as opposed to trying to achieve everything at one time.”

“Our website is the primary source of information for our customers, so it is important that our customers are able to find the information they need easily and in a suitable format. Siteimprove has played a key role in this, as it has helped identify the areas in which we don’t meet these key objectives,” concluded Rebecca.


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