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How Scotiabank achieved industry-leading web standards and digital performance

The platform helped immensely with our operational excellence. By implementing policies and utilizing modules within the Siteimprove platform, we were able to scope the scale of our website errors.

Jin Kim

Senior Manager, eCommerce & Operations


corporate websites to manage


Quality score improvement


time savings for dashboard setup

Instilling best practices across an enormous digital presence

Scotiabank is a leading Canadian multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, with over 90,000 employees globally. The digital team at Scotiabank prides itself on delivering the most efficient online banking experience and user journey for their customers. As online services continue to evolve, they understand the importance of providing a comprehensive digital experience their customers can trust.

Scotiabank has an enormous digital presence. Managing 50 corporate websites and 16,000 webpages spanning 38 regions is no small feat – and has created several challenges for the digital team:

  • Monitoring and adhering to website best practices
  • Difficulty identifying performance issues on the site and implementing plans without content metrics
  • A lack of universal metrics led each team to manually pull their own reports based on different scores – leading to data fragmentation, wasted time and resources, and misaligned KPI results to present to leadership
  • Inability to properly track website optimization and performance without the necessary insights

Finding a partner to help them overcome their digital challenges

Scotiabank began looking at a variety of solutions to help with their digital needs. Most options, however, acted as point solutions for single issues and did not provide the scope of detail they needed. They found that, with Siteimprove, they could address all the key digital areas they were looking to enhance including SEO, quality assurance, and accessibility.

And when it came to reporting their results, the team was relieved they could easily set up consolidated dashboards with key metrics the entire organization could access. This way, all necessary stakeholders could successfully review and measure their progress against KPI’s.

The team was also able to set up site-wide policies to identify and provide solutions for project planning and management. With all these key tools in one solution, Scotiabank was able to scale their strategies across partner and business lines in order to achieve operational excellence.

Within weeks of implementing the platform, Scotiabank was able to:

  • Resolve major gaps within their digital strategy
  • Dramatically improve collaboration and website management across the organization
  • Establish processes to identify and fix website errors, including various broken links on public webpages, improving their overall quality score by 30-40%

We drastically boosted our site health scores on overall digital experience using Siteimprove to strategically implement changes.

Jin Kim
Senior Manager, eCommerce & Operations

Enjoying a better process going forward

With reporting dashboards and insights now accessible across departments, the team can accurately track against their KPIs and effectively manage their projects and business goals. The detailed month-to-month reporting empowered them to optimize and improve their performance scores to above 90% in each category.

Finally, the team is now able to get the detailed data they required for presentations to leadership to validate KPIs for projects and support specialized projects including AODA remediations.

All of these new capabilities have dramatically reduced the amount of time the team spends on manual reporting. Instead, they can focus on developing and advancing their digital strategy with more flexibility, collaboration, and insight into their website performance and optimization.