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Elevating content during digital transformation

"For us at Vodafone it’s really within our DNA to take data-driven decisions. We want to make sure we've got the best content quality on our digital real estate, and Siteimprove is one of the main pillars to help us get clear insights into where to focus our efforts."

Ralf Klanke

Center of Excellence Lead, Tonality and Search

(High-quality) communication is key

As a leading technology communications company, it’s easy to understand why Vodafone Group places such importance on high-quality communication.

Ralf Klanke, the Center of Excellence Lead for Tonality and Search at Vodafone, oversees the quality of Vodafone’s digital content and corporate language. And while he recognizes the need to fix broken links and site performance issues, he also realizes that prioritizing elements like tone of voice, accessibility, and inclusivity is what makes a brand truly trustworthy.

A bigger and better Vodafone

Over the past few years, Vodafone has undergone a major transformation—moving from a mobile phone company to an integrated communications provider. Add several mergers and acquisitions on top of that, and it becomes easy to see the complexity of Vodafone’s challenges. A new set of colleagues, processes, and ways of interacting with customers made concise communication an increasingly difficult task.

Vodafone needed an efficient tool to oversee the quality of their communications on a grand scale. That’s why, after their first Siteimprove website crawl in 2015, Ralf and his team chose to partner with Siteimprove.

Scaling with grace

Since that crawl in 2015, Vodafone has used Siteimprove on a daily basis. According to Ralf, Siteimprove has helped Vodafone see where to focus their efforts and identify the areas they need to improve. Ralf and his team have paid particular attention to improving their Digital Certainty Index (DCI) and Quality Assurance (QA) scores, aiming to keep their score at 95% out of 100%.

Within the last years Vodafone has undergone a major transformation from a mobile phone company to an integrated, convergent communications provider accompanied by several mergers and acquisitions. With new processes and ways of communicating to customers, we needed the most efficient tools to help us get an idea of the overall quality of our content across all channels. Siteimprove is one of the main pillars to help us get insights into where to focus our efforts.

Ralf Klanke
Center of Excellence Lead, Tonality and Search @Vodafone

With Siteimprove doing the heavy lifting, as they continue to grow and develop, the Vodafone team is able to spend their time focusing on strategic priorities, user research, and concepts for even better user journeys. Because in the end, it’s all about delivering the best possible content quality.

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