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Siteimprove launches new Prepublish patent-powered technology to make it easier than ever for marketing departments to optimize content within their DXP or CMS

Jun 09, 2022 - By Siteimprove

Prepublish optimizes content anywhere, for accessibility, SEO, customer experiences and marketing performance

June 9, 2022, MINNEAPOLIS and COPENHAGEN, Denmark- Siteimprove, the leading enterprise platform that transforms content into revenue, today announces the launch of Siteimprove Prepublish, innovative technology that provides digital marketers with the data and analytics needed to ensure all website content is error-free, fully optimized for SEO and accessibility, and aligned with brand standards. Bringing these insights together on a single platform as a CMS plugin or an API, Prepublish boosts the quality and performance of a brand's website content before it even goes live, improving workflows and increasing productivity in terms of time and cost savings.

“Expectations for high-quality content are at an all-time high. Prepublish guides the daily work of content creators and publishers with the data-driven insights needed to address the most pressing issues with existing content, and optimizing for inclusivity, quality and search rankings of new content,” said Scott Nash, Chief Product Officer, Siteimprove. “Our plugin for leading DXPs becomes a seamless part of a publisher’s workflow, enabling audience-centric content from the get-go in a fraction of the time. Audiences get to interact with flawless content the first time around, reinforcing their brand loyalty through a positive user experience. As a marketer who focuses on high-quality content, using Prepublish is a must, as you never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

According to the Systems Sciences Institute at IBM, the cost to fix an error found after product release was four to five times as much as one uncovered during design, and up to 100 times more than one identified in the maintenance phase. Prepublish offers content creation the same kind of quality controls found in software development, enabling teams to avoid costly post-release errors.

“At Siteimprove, we used Prepublish in our recent website redesign and replatforming to Optimizely’s Digital Experience Platform to ensure content was optimized for every possible outcome – whether it’s making content accessible, optimizing for SEO, improving quality scores on paid search campaigns, or delivering an outstanding and unique customer experience,” said Kevin Bobowski, Chief Marketing Officer, Siteimprove. “The results were staggering. We achieved a Digital Certainty Index (DCI) score of 100 for Accessibility a few weeks after the website launch, and by using our Unpublish product, we pruned thousands of pages without any significant impact on our SEO performance.”

Siteimprove Platform

The Siteimprove Platform offers its customers three core solutions that support the needs of marketing departments, web teams and CMOs in delivering tangible ROI through optimized content performance across any marketing channel:

  • Marketing Performance. Intelligent insights are served daily across organic and paid search (SEO and ad insights, simplified Quality Score analysis, structured budget optimization, website speed) to ensure visibility and growth. Workflow integration with CMS/DXPs ensures a seamless experience for marketing teams. Siteimprove works with the four leaders in the Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for DXPs using direct integrations with Optimizely, Adobe Experience Manager, Drupal, Tridion, Sitecore and Sitefinity.
  • Digital Inclusivity. Siteimprove Prepublish provides instant insights into accessibility issues and actionable recommendations in a single view, ensuring a brand’s content is in line with accessibility guidelines and regulations. Instant quality checks help create a smooth experience for website visitors and strengthen credibility by providing an immediate overview of errors, making them visible and easy to fix, so teams can confidently publish flawless content.
  • Content Experience. On-page SEO diagnostics pinpoint where brands can fine-tune their content with best practice recommendations to pave the way for SEO success. Customizable company policies give instant visibility into any violations of brand guidelines for a stronger brand presence.

Prepublish In Action

  • Openreach. "Siteimprove has partnered with us to raise the bar for visitors to our website– setting a new benchmark for quality, content design, user experience, data-driven decision making, and digital marketing in Openreach,” said Scott Room Director, Brand, Marketing and Digital, Openreach. “The Siteimprove platform has enabled us to double our traffic to our website over the last two years, increase team efficiency by over 20%, and gives us an exciting roadmap of enhancements for the future. We’ve been using Siteimprove Prepublish to ensure that the content on our website is optimized for accessibility, SEO, and quality before it even goes live, meaning we can catch mistakes and correct them before they’re ever seen by any of our visitors or search engine crawlers.”
  • Optimizely. “Integrating Optimizely and Siteimprove bridges the gap between Optimizely Content Management System (CMS) and Siteimprove Intelligence Platform, empowering digital and product teams to streamline workflow efficiencies giving our mutual customers greater scale and velocity,” said Carina Conaghan, Global VP Technology Partnerships, Optimizely. “This powerful combination of Siteimprove and Optimizely provides digital marketing teams with meaningful insights into how their content impacts key business growth drivers, like SEO, accessibility and compliance; providing teams with the insights they need to optimize content, fix mistakes, and manage their website more efficiently.”

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Accessibility is a journey. We worked to make this press release accessible and inclusive for all our audiences. Please read Siteimprove's Accessibility Statement.