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Siteimprove’s new product releases put marketers in control

Aug 06, 2019 - By Jessica O'Sullivan-Munck

Copenhagen, DENMARK – 6 August 2019 – Siteimprove, an award-winning Software-as-a-Service company empowering marketing teams to easily manage and optimize websites, today released two new products: Siteimprove Ads and Siteimprove Performance.

They give overworked marketers control of their mar-tech stack and their return on investment (ROI) by simplifying the impenetrable Google Ads minefield and making website performance data understandable and actionable without the need for a computer science degree. 

Unlike competitor products that inundate marketers with more data than they have time to work with, Siteimprove Ads and Siteimprove Performance give marketers the most important information in the simplest way possible.    

Siteimprove CEO Morten Ebbesen believes this is why Siteimprove was named one of G2 Crowd’s top 25 Best Software Companies. “All of our solutions are developed to help time-poor marketers that wear multiple hats and work under sky-high management expectations.”

The move into the pay-per-click and web performance was a natural next step for the company, according to Siteimprove Ads product director Kristian Humle. “Research shows 61% of Google Ads is spent on keywords that never convert while 53% of website visitors leave a webpage if it doesn’t load within three seconds.”

“These figures indicated to us that despite many companies offering highly advanced theoretical software, there was a desperate need for an industry player that could automate and simplify the process of optimizing Google AdWords. Web visitors demand fast online experiences,” continued Humle.

Siteimprove Ads provides analysis, insights and prioritized recommendations across three unique pillars. The Google Ads Quality Score, a significant influencer of ad costs, is aggregated and possible Quality Score cost savings from applying the recommended improvements are visualized. Secondly all Ads landing pages are automatically checked for 30+ conversion blockers and a prioritized list based on severity levels is created to help marketers quickly fix the things preventing visitors from turning into customers. Lastly, the budget analysis segments the Ads budget into justified and un-justified spend to aid further optimization.

Siteimprove Performance automates and visualizes the complexity of website performance by showing marketers exactly how visitors from around the world experience their website. “When testing their site speed, marketers or web developers traditionally test using their own location as a baseline,” said Mikkel Landt, performance product director at Siteimprove.

With Siteimprove Performance, marketers get the opportunity to see in real time. They’re shown, where the different elements on their site come from and how they affect a user elsewhere in the world. “A company’s website may be in Australia, but their third-party customer chatbot comes from Europe and their Google search script from America. This common type of ecosystem means the site does more flight miles than an around-the-world plane trip before it finally loads for a visitor,” explains Landt.

100% of Siteimprove customers that beta tested the product said it gave them the information needed to optimize their websites’ performance. Trusted by over 7000 companies worldwide, including Vodafone, and Bayer, Siteimprove is the number one provider of understandable, actionable, and user-intuitive digital marketing software.

To learn more about how Siteimprove Ads and Siteimprove Performance revolutionize the mar-tech stack, visit