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Generative AI: your replacement, or your advantage?

Can generative AI really replace your creative team? Or is it just the next step in a long line of innovations that raise the bar for the marketing industry? Watch our webinar where we pull back the curtain on AI, look at its place in your team’s workflow today, and dive into optimization as the key to rising above the noise.

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Separate the truth from the hype

Everywhere you look, it seems like people are talking about generative AI tools. ChatGPT seemingly sprang out of nowhere in late 2022 to become the fastest-ever app to hit 100 million active users. With something so new, it’s easy to feel out of the loop. What actually is generative AI? What’s after GPT-4? And does it mean a chatbot is coming for your job? As with any new tech, there’s a lot of hype, FOMO, and even fearmongering.

Technical talk of LLMs and data-crunching algorithms aside, what it means for marketers is pretty simple: it’s a tool that can help you get less done in more time. It’s not a magic ‘fix-all’ for your content strategy, and it won’t do your work for you. It’s what you make of it. But on the flip side, it probably won’t replace your job: it’ll potentially even make it less tedious and more strategic.

AI is moving fast. But we’re here to help you stay ahead. As content optimization and performance specialists, we’re always thinking about how the industry will look in the future. We’re focused on data, consistency, and building a strong digital foundation, so you can continue to deliver engaging, impactful content, no matter who (or what!) writes it.


Izabela Misiorny

Chief Marketing Officer, Siteimprove

Relentless problem solver, people-centric leader, Izabela found her calling in marketing by creating effective marketing strategies that matter. With years of experience in both B2B and B2C marketing, and with strong focus on product marketing, Izabela redefined go-to-market strategies, honed the commercialization strategy of product offerings, and provided deep insights into customer needs and market trends. At Siteimprove, after building out the product marketing function and foundations for the new go-to-market strategy, she now leads the Siteimprove marketing team in creating greater impact in the market.