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How to be a leader in an era of digital evolution

Join Siteimprove for a panel discussion alongside Forrester, Optimizely, and Netcel on the importance of digital evolution.


Why do most organizations turn to digital transformation?

It’s often seen as the most efficient path to digital maturity—one massive renovation that attempts to catch up with the digitally evolving world.

Realistically, the best way to get closer to digital maturity is by focusing on constantly adapting and evolving to meet the needs of the market and stakeholders.

Which is why we’re here to make the case for digital evolution.

Access our on-demand webinar for a panel discussion on the digital evolution mindset and why it’s the key to differentiation and sustained success in the 2020s and beyond. The concept is based on the key findings of our market insights report commissioned in partnership with Netcel, Optimizely, and London Research, From Digital Transformation to Digital Evolution: Survival of the quickest.


Deane Barker

Senior Director of Content Management Strategy - Optimizely

Deane Barker has worked in content management for 25 years and has written four books about the patterns and practices of modeling, creating, managing, and delivering digital content, including “Web Content Management: Systems, Features, and Best Practices” for O'Reilly Media and the just-published “Web Project Guide: From Spark to Launch and Beyond.”

Dom Graveson

Director of Strategy & Experience, Netcel

Dom is a leader and senior practitioner of Digital Capability Transformation and Product Strategy. He has deep experience, both agency and client-side, across multiple sectors including Financial Services, Education, Travel and Government. He has over 15 years experience in both the strategic management theory and day to day delivery reality of evidence-led digital and organisational transformation, digital product research, development, launch and growth.

Dan Bieler

Principal Analyst, Forrester

Dan serves digital and technology leaders by guiding them through the challenges of business transformation. Dan's particular focus is on digital teams, employee experience, the future of work, cultural transformation, and innovation. He also researches the migration to emerging business models like the subscription business model. Dan is an expert in the key technologies underpinning digital platforms, such as IoT, mobile technologies (e.g., 5G, low Earth orbit), and social collaboration technologies. Moreover, Dan has in-depth strategy experience in the telecom sector, stretching back well over two decades.

Ezekiel Rudick

Head of Content Marketing, Siteimprove

As Head of Content Marketing at Siteimprove, Ezekiel brings a test-learn-evolve mindset to ensure that the right brand stories are delivered to the right audience at precisely the right place and the right time. Equal parts creative, writer, and brand strategist, Ezekiel J. Rudick has spent the last 15 years telling data-driven brand stories for the world’s biggest tech brands, emerging SaaS disrupters, and leading consumer brands alike. Ezekiel has helped these brands connect the seemingly disparate worlds of journalistic storytelling, data-driven content strategy, and intuitive creativity to help brands tell value-driven stories through measurable, engaging content campaigns — across focused marketing channels — to influence brand credibility and measurable business impact. When not helping shape brand storytelling at Siteimprove, Ezekiel can be found hiking around the Pacific Northwest, playing music in punk rock bands in Seattle, and keeping up with the ever-increasing demands of his cat Taco.