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Accessibility and SEO: How they work together

- By Layla Hussain - Jun 01, 2021 Web Accessibility

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Many accessibility issues on a webpage can be resolved by adjusting on-page text like headings, alt-tags, video transcripts, and link text. If you’ve ever tried to tackle on-page SEO, this might sound familiar. In this video, hear from Layla Hussain, Partner Account Manager at Siteimprove, about how accessibility and SEO work together.

Much like how headings, alt-tags, transcripts, and descriptive links help search engines make sense of your web content, those on-page text elements do the same for assistive technologies like screen readers. Knowing this, you can make accessibility and SEO updates congruently.

Make sure to keep your keyword strategy top of mind as you go through and update accessibility issues on your site. That way, as you go back and update your content, you can do so with your SEO keywords in mind. It’s an easy way to deliver more ROI to your accessibility efforts with virtually no extra work!

Dive deeper into how accessibility and SEO work together by checking out this on-demand webinar!