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How Siteimprove helps Bradley University stay ahead of the curve

  • 8+

    years as a Siteimprove customer

  • 200

    academic programs

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    web pages

The Background

Bradley University is an educational institution located in Peoria, Illinois. Jim Crone, Bradley’s Executive Director of Digital Marketing and Communications, has used Siteimprove for more than eight years to address their evolving, online challenges.   

The Challenge 

With nearly 200 programs, each with unique messaging and goals, Crone and his team faced the common challenge of maintaining consistency and accuracy with multiple messages and website contributors.   

“Our biggest challenge with our online presence is probably our size and the various cooks in the kitchen,” says Crone. “Everybody wants to have their own personalized look and feel, and it’s hard trying to wrangle them into a consistent brand.”  

Buying and Implementation

As his team adjusted to increasingly higher visitor expectations and elevated internal strategies, they needed a tool to streamline processes.   

“All of a sudden you wake up one day and there’s this overwhelming feeling of ‘I have 10,000 pages of chaos.’ We had [a CMS] in place but there was just something missing from the equation. We very easily saw the value [Siteimprove] could add to our whole suite of tools.”  

Once Crone had established that Siteimprove was “mission critical” for the institution, he moved on to implementation and training.   

“Siteimprove and its initiation process and setup probably rank up there as one of the easiest setup processes of anything that we’ve ever used. You see the impact of changes you’ve made within the first hour of having the product.”  

After Siteimprove

Overall, using Siteimprove has been a game changer for Bradley’s digital marketing team. It allows them to stay ahead of digital trends and increase their online impact. Crone says, “No matter what they do, the Siteimprove product is always there and nimble enough to do what we need it to do. It seems like they’re already one step ahead to be able to meet our needs.”    

As for his advice to others searching for a solution, Crone says, “In my experience, Siteimprove is a best of breed technology. You immediately see the value that it brings to your organization and to the rest of your team. It’s just an indispensable product.” 


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